Arrow: Watch Season 3 Episode 1 Online

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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 1, Oliver Queen decided he could have it all: a live as a man and as a superhero.

Then the rest of the hour happened and he started to back pedal again. Let me tell you, Oliver Queen does not get to flirt with Felicity and take her on a date and then back pedal. Even when there are rocket flying. Felicity is a big girl and she gets it. She gets Oliver more than anyone else ever has.

But, then Oliver did some drugs. He discovered his greatest fear and it is the one thing he cannot run from. Can you guess what it is? It makes Oliver completely rethink everything in his life. His dating status, who can go on missions with him -- everything.

There is some good news. Det. Lance lived! Laurel is cooking the bad guys The Arrow is catching! Diggle is having a baby. Live goes on and people are happy.

Until they aren't. People are unhappy when they get mud kicked in their face for caring. People are unhappy when they witness people they love tumble to the ground with arrows in their chests. People are very unhappy.

The only way you can find out why is if you watch Arrow online. Don't be spoiled first, watch now.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Diggle: You love her. You even told her so.
Oliver: I was trying to fool Slade.
Diggle: Yes. Except now the only person you're fooling is yourself.

Keep this up and there will be two kinds of criminals left in Starling City. The ones we put away and the ones running scared.