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Rest well, Sara. You're home now.

How sad is it that the once empty grave can be filled with her body? On Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 what started out as a normal evening turned tragic when Felicity, Oliver, Diggle and Roy walked into the Arrow Cave to find Laurel sitting beside her sister, dead on a table.

The whole situation made Oliver recall the first test Amanda Waller put him through in Hong Kong -- to kill Tommy Merlyn! We know he got out of it because Tommy lived until Oliver returned, but the story of how it happened was a great way to see Oliver thinking on his feet.

Everyone is in pain. Felicity cannot get over how precious life is and Laurel doesn't want Sara's killer to go free. But nobody has enough information to make great decisions. 

What about Det. Lance? Will he ever learn the truth about his younger daughter? What might get in the way? 

Where is Thea and will anybody let Oliver in on the fact that she's not just off traveling the world? There are some surprising voices of reason during the hour and it ends with many on a new journey.

Find out all about it when you watch Arrow online.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Listen, Sara was my friend, too and if you think you're going after her alone you couldn't possibly be more wrong.


Ollie, it's not fair! We just got her back. It's not fair!