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When A.R.G.U.S. hits a snag and cannot find out information on Komodo, the the team gets help from Laurel. Meanshile, Roy Palmer pursues Felcity. Uh oh!

Oliver, Felicity and Roy walk into the Arrow Lair to find Sara on the slab. Laurel didn't know where else to take her.

Oliver recalls one of his first targets. Tommy. 

Laurel had no recourse when she thought Sara died on the Gambit, but now she's going to help catch her killer. Laurel wants to hold back the news from Lance because it could kill him. She won't tell him until they catch the killer.

Oliver imagines killing Sara. Diggle finds him on the roof. 

Felicity calls Oliver. Lance has put in a call for The Arrow. There is another archer in town taking down people all over the place. It's a male, for sure, and he doesn't look like someone we've met before. He's quite modern.

Waller wanted Tommy killed because Oliver logged onto his email and that sent Tommy to Hong Kong.

Ray bought the store Felicity works in to force the issue of her working for him. He recognizes that she's not actually pissed at him but at something else. She says money won't solve this and he agrees that money won't solve most problems, but he's there if she needs him.

Simon LaCroix, Komodo, appears to be the dude who killed Sara.Komodo is skilled with an arrow and a motorcycle. He and Oliver battle it out while Felicity and Laurel watch via street cameras. When Oliver loses him, Laurel takes off.

Oliver's only other option in the past for killing Tommy is to have someone else do it. Flash to Tommy being shot in the neck with a syringe.

Felicity and Oliver argue about living life.

Laurel discovers a deal the group was working on, from Ameritek, about an oil pipeline. Then he's shot through the chest. Laurel looks right at Komodo and he just walks away.

Oliver continues to try to reach Thea. Roy decides he better share his note with Oliver.

Lance is upset with Laurel and doesn't want to take those kinds of risks because he's pretty sure her sister has it covered for the both of them.

Oliver and Laurel over going after LaCroix. He tells her to stay away, but she looks at the gun. LaCroix is heading to Star City to get the next dude. and they'll likely be there too!

Ray Palmer is rebranding Star City. He offers give away half of his net wealth to the city and will take only $1 for his entire year's salary. 

Komodo heads in through the window and Arrow and Arsenal go after him. Laurel shows up and puts a gun into Komodo's face. He didn't kill Sara. Laurel pulls the trigger. Oliver wasn't going to let her do something she would regret.

Laurel tries to tell her dad about Sara, but she can't do it. She just apologizes instead.

Team Arrow buries Sara in her original grave. Diggle shares the name he and Lyla have chosen for their baby -- Sara.

Oliver remembers seeing Tommy and threatening him. Tommy almost crapped his pants, but he got to go home and live. For a while.

Everyone grieves. Laurel snuggles Sara's stuffed dolphin and holds up her jacket. Oliver doesn't want to die in the Arrow Cave. Diggle rubs baby Sara's belly. Felicity goes to Ray.

On Corto Maltese, Thea is training with dad.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Listen, Sara was my friend, too and if you think you're going after her alone you couldn't possibly be more wrong.


Ollie, it's not fair! We just got her back. It's not fair!