Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Meteor Shower

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No Garry, no show!

Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 2 was a terrible follow up to the premiere. I was counting down the minutes until the Installment ended. It was that bad!

Last week the good outweighed the bad. This week was the complete opposite. The judge had an air head celebrity to bring to justice. The celebrity was portrayed as stupid and vain. It was painful to watch when she put her headphones on in the courtroom and began speaking about the features of them.

Don't even get me started on her shrieking "HASH TAG" after every word. I would have clapped if she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Tim: What's up baby?
Rebecca: You don't think I look like a muffin top, do you?

The show is trying far too hard to make viewers laugh. The judge's actions are not plausible in the slightest. Can you imagine a judge keeping her job after the antics Rebecca showcased tonight?

The part with the ax was just a contrived way from the writers to introduce us to Tim.  Also the part in which she stuck her two middle fingers up at reporters and ended up all over the internet was horrible.

911. I've forgot how to breathe, and there's giant fruit.


Garry was in the episode for around one minute. This has to be rectified immediately. Just having a bit more of a presence from him would have helped bring the funny. They cannot under use Dick Casablancas!

I think this episode could have had the potential to anger a lot of people, especially judges. Can you imagine Judge Judy watching this? Neither can I, but I shudder to think what her reaction would be upon viewing it.

The scene with the van was a silver lining, but the show jumped from a comedy to a drama in those few minutes. Rebecca was understandably upset about losing the van after having it so long.

It's not funny to compare a human to a pastry. Not funny.


Rebecca was clearly jealous about Garry going out with a girl. She even went to the effort of looting him cannabis brownies from the evidence locker. Does anyone even care that stuff goes missing from there?

She was so jealous that she hopped straight into bed with fireman Tim.

Overall this outing was an utter snooze fest. I'm surprised it made it to the air. It's disheartening when a show decreases in quality from the pilot to second installment. If the series wants a long future on the TV airwaves it needs to improve fast and sort out the growing pains. Did you know you can watch Bad Judge online right here on TV Fanatic?

What did you think of the episode? Is the judge a lost cause?

Meteor Shower Review

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judge Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

It's not funny to compare a human to a pastry. Not funny.


911. I've forgot how to breathe, and there's giant fruit.