Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Judge and Jury

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Well that was a massive improvement.

After three disappointing episodes, Bad Judge Season 1 Episode 5 came out of nowhere and really proved to me that the show is a comedy worth watching.

Kate Walsh is excellent in her role. This is the first time she's appeared really comfortable -- althought it may be down to the jokes actually being funny!

It was a very interesting development to have Rebecca on jury duty. She just assumed she would wriggle out of it and not be picked as she knew the judge. Wrong, there was a new judge in town!

Rebecca: You're not Annie.
Judge: Not since my fifth grade play.

The character of Rebecca is highly entertaining to watch. I don't know what goes through this crazy lady's mind, but she is hilarious. The scene in which she was attempting to imply she was sick is an excellent example of this. She took this a bit far, when she pulled out a jar of pickles. 

Rebecca had an enemy on the jury, but did anyone struggle to understand what his name was? I found myself having to rewind and fast forward to find out! It was practically inaudible! It seems like he is called Chad.

Alright, hooker skirt, you won.


The dialog between the two characters was extremely witty. He quickly succeeded in getting the rest of the jury on his side. Who knew that something as simple as pizza could make them favor Rebecca?

I'm as serious as your mom's coke addiction.


Garry has appeared in two episodes -- back to back! I don't know if Ryan Hansen had a scheduling conflict for the first few weeks, but his presence is a welcome one. However, I don't feel as though the show needs him to carry it anymore. Even the supporting characters, such as Judith, really upped the levels of funny this week.

Tedward was not best pleased to learn of Rebecca's jury duty, as it meant he had to compete in a bar game competition with Garry. Garry, after initially declining, decided to give it a shot, and the results were lese than positive -- at first.

It was a bit obvious they would win. It had to happen for the development of the two characters. Tedward has gone from being a horrible character to a joy to watch on screen.

Through five episodes, I feel like Bad Judge has finally found its feet, and is shaping up to be one of the best new comedies on the air just now. I think this has happened a bit late in its run as its ratings have slipped the past few weeks. I think the show's chances of a back order are slim to none. After this episode, I hope I'm wrong and the show can defy the odds. It now deserves a chance.

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What did you think of the episode? Do you agree the show is improving? Sound off below!

Judge and Jury Review

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judge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tom: Judith, that man is bleeding.
Judith: He'll live.

I don't see what the competition is. It's just bar games.