Elementary Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Enough Nemesis to Go Around

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Sherlock Holmes is done hanging out with James Bond at MI6 and back in New York City where he belongs on Elementary Season 3 Episode 1. Last year, the season ended with Sherlock and Watson's partnership fractured. Can it be rebuilt again? Let's find out!

This is clearly a different Elementary. We don't even see Sherlock for the first 13 or so minutes. But his presence is heavily felt. Joan Watson is a pupil no more. She's confidently working with the NYPD to bust a drug cartel and helping private clients solve their mysteries as well.

I'm not sure she's even aware of how much she mimics Sherlock. Like how his voice always lowers to a whisper when he's trying to soothe or be introspective. She has his great deductive prowess without all of his hard edges, but it still feels wrong. 

Watson's Permission - Elementary

I have always loved Lucy Liu's portrayal of Watson, but it's not Elementary without Sherlock Holmes. So we know it is only a matter of time before we see him again.

He, of course, being Sherlock can't just let everyone know he is back in the city via a text or voicemail. Nope. That's not my Sherlock. Instead he sends an anonymous tip using a name Watson will recognize. 

Watson: You can take the helmet off.
Holmes: Watson.

It isn't the homecoming Sherlock expected, although only Sherlock is probably arrogant enough to assume Watson will forgive and forget so quickly. This is the man who essentially ran away, leaving behind only a five-sentence note. She makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him.

But you were right. I don't need you anymore. Still don't.


Ouch. Yet it rings both true and false. She has clearly been doing just fine on her own. But Watson without Sherlock is like peanut butter without jelly. Not possible!

Sherlock does have a teeny tiny secret though and her name is Kitty. She is his new protege. Joan meets her after mistaking Kitty for one of March's goons. 

And for someone who claims to not need Sherlock, she doesn't really look too pleased to be replaced either. Honestly, I was a little leery (okay, really leery) of them introducing a new player to our dynamic duo.

I'm of the mindset if ain't broke, don't fix it. And Elementary hasn't gotten stale yet to where they need an infusion of new blood. Or blood that puts a crimp in our dynamic duo's partnership.

I expected to dislike Kitty immensely, and I'm not even a Sherlock/Watson shipper. I like them as partners and BFFs. But I don't hate Kitty. She has enough attitude and vulnerability that I can see both Sherlock and Watson taking her under their wing. 

We don't get a strong sense of who she is, but I am hopeful that she will make the show better, rather than be its jump the shark moment. 

Sherlock and Joan finally have their big heart-to-heart talk. Sherlock admits that he was scared and angry after everything that had happened with Mycroft and Watson wanting to move out. He still had some heroin that he had kept as a test. To see if he could keep it close without succumbing. He had been successful thus far, but now he wasn't so confident. 

In the event I failed, it would not be in front of you.


He won me over, but Watson is clearly made of sterner stuff than me. Of course, being Sherlock, he undoes any goodwill he built when he says that he can replicate what they had with Kitty. Being told you're replaceable isn't the best way to win hearts and minds, Sherlock. 

Beyond clearing the air with Watson, Sherlock does need something from Joan. Her needs her approval before he and Kitty can consult with the NYPD again. It's a nice bit of role reversal to have Watson hold the power. 

And oh yeah, she's still a little ticked, so Sherlock is going to need to try harder. And he does. He softens her righteous anger the only way he knows how - by helping her solve the case. To help her see what other's don't. It is his greatest gift, and the one he gave her as well.

Elaina March was actually a pretty formidable foe. We don't see a lot of villains recur unless their name is Moriarty, but I wouldn't mind March making a reappearance. It was nice seeing two intelligent women spar.

And Watson and Sherlock? Well, they are still not partners, but they are on the road back together. 

Watson: Why are you here?
Sherlock: Isn't it obvious? I belong here. As do you.

Yes, you do. Welcome back, Sherlock. We've missed you.

What did you think of tonight's premiere? What are your thoughts on Kitty? Love her, hate her or TBD? How long do you think it will take Sherlock and Watson to be a team again? And don't forget, you can watch Elementary online via TV Fanatic at your convenience. Find out whether you can spot the clues and killers before Holmes and Watson do.

Enough Nemesis to Go Around Review

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Elementary Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

But you were right. I don't need you anymore. Still don't.


Watson: You can take the helmet off.
Holmes: Watson.