39 Greatest Television Families

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These are some of the greatest comedic and dramatic television families of all time.

Let us know if your favorite TV family didn't make the list!

1. The Pritchetts and the Dunphys - Modern Family

The Pritchetts and the Dunphys - Modern Family
This might seem like a unique take on the modern family, but you'll discover it was a long-term collaborative effort that paved the way for this success. That doesn't mean we're not treated to one of the funniest, most genuine extended families ever to grace the airwaves.

2. The Andersons - Father Knows Best

The Andersons - Father Knows Best
Airing originals from 1953 to 1964 on prime-time network television, the show was so successful it continued running another three years on primetime after production ended. No other show in television history has done that.

3. The Arnolds - The Wonder Years

The Arnolds - The Wonder Years
The series followed the life of Kevin Arnold from the ages of 12-17, starting in 1968 through 1973. Probably best remembered for Daniel Stern's voiceover as the adult Kevin Arnold narrating the story.

4. The Seavers - Growing Pains

The Seavers - Growing Pains
Running from 1985-1992 the series featured a working mother and a stay at home dad and introduced America to the wonder that is Leonardo DiCaprio!

5. The Gilmores - Gilmore Girls

The Gilmores - Gilmore Girls
Lorelei and Rory were the mother/daughter duo every girl aspired to be whether as a mother or a daughter. Jared Padalecki and Melissa McCarthy got their starts on the show and it's not the only great family on the list featuring Lauren Graham!

6. The Hecks - The Middle

The Hecks - The Middle
This series about a mom surviving life with her dysfunctional family in Orson, Indiana features two actresses who find themselves on the list in other great TV families!

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