Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Repercussions

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I'm not sure exactly what changes occurred in the writers' room between Revenge Season 3 and Revenge Season 4, but I am seriously thanking my Sunday-night stars for whatever the powers-that-be did. 

They've taken a show that was a sinking ship and turned it back into something simultaneously entertaining and intriguing and Revenge Season 4 Episode 5 is just another example of that. 

Maybe it's the "so close, but so far away" of this storyline with David and Emily, but the anticipation of their eventual meeting is real and intense. Last week wasn't the week. This week wasn't the week. Maybe next week will be. (But probably not because sweeps are coming.)

Part of me was bursting for Nolan to tell David the truth when he showed up unannounced and having shirked his police detail, but Nolan is too good a friend to both of them. I'm now convinced that Nolan didn't know David was alive all this time, though his reaction to the news is way more "wait and see" and less urgent, which is smart - but odd - given Emily's desire to see her father again.

Emily's plan to get David home in order to soften his memories - and his heart - for their eventual reunion was genius. I'm loving the way she's grappling with all that she's done in order to avenge his name and where those choices reconcile with the memory of the daughter he left behind. 

He's grappling with the same and about to embark on a similar mission; the symmetry couldn't be more perfect for this season.

But first, David has to shake Victoria, and judging by his letter to his daughter, he's on that path. Someone wronged Amanda in his absence and it's his solemn vow to take that someone down. 

I have come to learn that evil takes many forms, including those that we think we can trust the most. The anger that spread almost cost me the thing that I valued above all else. My memories of you, the daughter I still love, infinity times infinity. And now I can still feel you again which is why I know what I must do, for you were wronged as I was, and by someone I trusted. There must be repercussions, and I swear to you, Amanda, I will have revenge.


Who do we know who did the most damage to his daughter once he was in prison? Victoria Grayson. That's the only possible person about whom he could be writing, yes? If so, BRING ON THE REVENGING!

I love it when Victoria loses!

It was far too easy to believe that Emily would have convinced Charlotte to introduce her to their father so easily, but for half a second after Victoria invoked the memory of Declan, I thought it was a possibility and that, to spite her mother, Charlotte would invite Emily into the room for an audience with David. 

Of course it was too easy. Of course Charlotte would take David to introduce him to Jack and Carl and flay open the Amanda-shaped wound in his heart and jab a knife into it, all to screw with Jack. 

Hurt her father to hurt Jack? Because that makes sense. Jeez, Charlotte! 

Is it wrong that I hope the crescent moon tattoo guy who has her seriously injures her? He couldn't kill David so Charlotte's the next best thing, right? As the last living Clarke (for all anyone knows) she's a worthy substitute. I volunteer her as tribute!!

The previews from next week show her shrieking in horror in a hotel room, so she isn't dead, but man, she's a character I could lose in a heartbeat and not think twice about it. Everyone else has proven themselves interesting or worthwhile for Emily's scheming, so they're all safe from my Red Sharpie.

Margaux is quite savvy and she knows a good thing when she sees it. There's no doubt in my mind that she's planning some sort of something with allowing Victoria to have the final approval on whatever David Clarke exclusive LeMarchal runs. Margaux cares about her father's memory and his reputation, but not nearly as much as she seemed to let on there. 

Daniel Grayson gets a kick in the teeth for his tryst with Louise Ellis and snapping at Margaux when he was working because he felt guilty for sleeping with his client. I don't like that Daniel. Not even a little bit. 

I like the Daniel who zips Margaux's dress and puts on her earring while she's doing the other one so she can get to work. That guy can stay. Forever. 

I hope he and Margaux, when she finds out about him sleeping with his client, which she will because Louise called Page Six, are able to work through the issue. He can be a real idiot, Margaux, but he's a better man with you. 

Finally, Ben Harper wants to look into Conrad's death and suspected Jack had something to do with it. It's odd that such a high profile man died and the case is still open, and yes, that's odd. When the Chief took the file, I expected him to make a call and report that it had been recovered. 

Something tells me Ben and Emily's paths are going to cross at least a few more times. He's not a guy who stops looking for an answer and she's not a girl who gives answers freely. 

There are so many ways that everything could go right for Emily from here on out and so very, very many ways they could go totally wrong. Let the scheming begin!

What did you think of "Repercussions?" Is David coming after Victoria? Who is the man with the crescent moon tattoo? Remember, you can watch Revenge online right here at TV Fanatic so you never have to miss a minute!

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Repercussions Review

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