Supernatural Preview Pics: The Demon Did It

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Always a captive, never the captor.

Is that going to be Sam's new tagline? In the latest photos from Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2, we get a quick glimpse of his fate: captured again! 

This time a dude named Cole has a vendetta against Dean, whom he holds responsible for the death of his father. He expects torturing Sam will make him reveal where his older bro is hiding.

Even torture doesn't get information that's not there to give.

Meanwhile, Crowley gets a little concerned at Dean's increasing aggression. Dean thinks it's just the Demon inside him, but Crowley has another thought -- it's the Mark of Cain and it needs to be fed.

With two Supernatural Season 10 episodes teased, it looks like we might be forming a pattern. What do you think?

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