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On this episode of Supernatural…

Cole tortures Sam for info on where Dean is at. He also reveals that he met Dean when he was a kid and saw that Dean killed his father. He is out for revenge.

Sam manages to escape and calls up Castiel looking for help. He tells Castiel Dean is a demon.

Crowley tries to get Dean to do his bidding, telling him he needs to kill. But rather than kill who he’s supposed to, he kills the client so Crowley gets no soul.

Crowley and Dean’s relationship are over, and Crowley rats out Dean to Sam.

Sam tries to convince Dean to come back with him, but the demon in Dean makes him taunt and be mean to Sam.

Cole attacks Dean, but Dean gets the better of him. He beats up Cole and chooses to let him live. Sam makes his move and gets handcuffs on Dean.

Sam gives Crowley back the First Blade.

Dean says he’s going to hurt Sam.

Cole wants to study up now on demons.

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