Supernatural Round Table: Sam and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dean

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Is this the end of demon Dean?

While Sam wasn't a fan of the black-eyed version of Dean, TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester have their own opinions on the changed elder Winchester brother.

And they are ready to talk Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3 from demon Dean to that cliffhanger involving a mysterious woman. Just who was that?

Strap in for the Supernatural Round Table and be sure to sound off in the comments below!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Narsimha: I thought this week's episode was the weakest one so far (clunky, unnecessary, exposition with the flashbacks), but there were still a bunch of memorable scenes. Demon Dean's initial reactions to the sanctified blood, and The Shining-esque chase sequence at the end with the hammer were both awesome. My favorite scene might actually be Crowley killing that eager-to-please demon, and then one of his own "employees" self-immolating. All does not seem to be well in Hell, and Crowley's recent misadventures with human blood, and Dean Winchester, are probably going to bite him in the ass some time soon.

Alice: I liked all the Sam and Dean scenes when put together, but one on it's own didn't really stand out. It all turned out to be anti-climatic in the end. I guess if I had to pick ONE, it would be Crowley showing up to kill the angel and then giving her grace to a badly wounded Castiel. I loved his line asking why can't angels just stay on their clouds playing their harps? I agree! Plus it showed the badass Crowley I've grown to love, not the sentimental pathetic sap that thought he and Dean were the bromance of the century. That is just wrong. Plus now Castiel can go back to being a badass himself.

Sean: I'm pooling all the Sam and Dean stuff together for my favorite from the verbal confrontation to the physical one. I maintain that the demon Dean aspect has really freshened things up, so to see them sort of face off was exciting to watch.

Do you wish the demon Dean storyline lasted longer?

Narsimha: Definitely. Like I've been saying, it was my favorite thing about this season so far (and probably why this season seemed revitalized). However, even though it appears to be dealt with, I highly doubt that the storyline is resolved. It would be disappointing if Dean's time as a demon didn't have any repercussions.

Alice: In a way yes, I do. Not much longer, a few more episodes, but I'm not sure how. The way demon Dean was written was so one dimensional. If they had better ideas for him, like challenging Crowley for the King of Hell thing, that might have worked. Except we know that demon Dean wasn't all that ambitious. He could have been though. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, wasn't. I'll just keep hoping he comes back, like when he dies again. Because you know that WILL happen again.  

Sean: I think bringing in demon Dean has been great for the show, and based off the way the episode ended, it seemed that Dean's days with black eyes were over. So that made me disappointed as it seemed all fixed so quickly. And yet, I don't want to jump the gun either, because it's quite possible Dean wasn't fully cured. He does have the Mark of Cain after all. I think there's more to the story. At least I hope there is...

Are you interested in watching Castiel and Hannah continue to hunt rogue angels?

Narsimha: No, mainly because I kind of hate Hannah's mentality, and I was actually on the side of the rogue angels. And I believe Castiel should be too, instead of helping Hannah without any doubts. I'd like to see Hannah actually develop an understanding for humans like the "rogue angels," and Castiel himself, have.

Alice: Is that what they were doing? Huh. I figured they were just spending loads of time in a pimp mobile making googly eyes at each other because the show needed some filler. It's really hard for me to get behind Castiel and Hannah hunting rogue angels when most of the time the rogue angel is a far better angel than all the others and gets killed for it anyway. It's a rather hopeless situation. So, I guess that answer is no.

Sean: Is it bad to say I'm a bit tired of the angel storyline? I've liked Castiel since he first showed up, but his hang out time with Hannah hasn't exactly been the screentime I've been dying to see. But Castiel did get a rejuvenated boost of help from Crowley, so maybe his storyline will pick up?

Any ideas on how Dean will get rid of the Mark of Cain?

Narsimha: Maybe he has to live with it? And the killing from hunting will be enough to satiate any violent urges he has? I honestly don't know where they're going with this.

Alice: Simple, God. It is finally revealed to all that Chuck is really God and Rob Benedict makes his triumphant return to the show to save the day. He absolves Dean of the Mark, tells him he's a good faithful warrior who makes him proud and then goes back to Heaven to kick the angels' asses because they're all so pathetic and stupid. Ooh, another fanfic idea twisting in my brain!

Sean: God would be a simple way to fix Dean! I always wondered if since Cain had the ability to transfer the Mark, could Dean transfer it to someone else? I have no clue, but I'm hoping that and (perhaps something more with the demon version of Dean) will continue to play out over the season.

Who was that mystery woman at the very end of the hour?

Narsimha: For a second I thought we were supposed to know who that was, and it really confused. But now that I know she's a probably a new character, I'm curious. I have no idea who she is, or what she's up to.

Alice: Assuming I haven't read spoilers? Someone whose scene I fast forwarded over during the re-watch. Supernatural doesn't need the twist ending. That's what The Vampire Diaries is for.

Sean: Spoilers! I would have assumed you could tell the future. I actually thought it was Abaddon back again. I'm intrigued, but it was really just a glimpse, so I can't really pass any judgment on her character just yet. Hope it's a good baddie and not a throw away one!

And take a look at Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4:

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