The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Dear God

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It's time to talk it out (or in my case, write it out), because The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 3 was quite an hour of television.

We started by being introduced to Cary's pre-trial service officer, a matter of fact woman who needed to fill in the answers to her questions.

The choice to catch us up on what happened after Cary was released from jail, while still moving ahead, was a brilliant move by the writers. The quick flashbacks during questions asked to Cary, Alicia and Diane let us know that tensions were high between the partners at Florrick, Agos, Lockhart and Associates! (I think they just need to hug it out some more.)

Meanwhile, we find out the State's Attorney's key witness in the case against Cary has conveniently disappeared, leaving little evidence to pursue their case (if only it was that easy). As Diane attends Cary's hearing, the State's Attorney takes a different approach, claiming Cary could be behind the disappearance of the witness.

Kalinda, not wanting another death hanging over her head, warned the informant that Bishop would be after him so he had time to get away. 

In the end, neither the State's Attorney nor the defense could convince the judge one way or the other, so the pre-trial service officer was the deciding vote. I wasn't surprised when she sided with the defense, and the bail revocation was denied! 

It's bought some time for Cary, who is convinced, "They're going to get me one way or another." Still hoping this trial wraps up quickly. 

The Matthew Process

In this week's case, Alicia & Dean take over one of Cary's clients, a seed maker who is claiming his neighbor planted his seeds without purchasing them. It wasn't the most thrilling case, but the banter that ensued made up for it! After the two were tired of their arguing lawyers, they decided to turn to God to decide the matter. 

The back and forth dialogue, paired with some great facial expressions between Carter, Alicia and Dean in the Church brought some laugh out loud moments for me. Alicia even turned to her daughter, Grace, while researching for the case to find some great Bible passages to drive home her points. 

The arbitrator, Dell, asked everyone to be honest and talk it out, and in the end the two worked out the case without (or maybe in spite of) the help of their lawyers. 

The lady doth protest too much, me thinks!

Pardon my Shakespeare reference, but it fits in perfectly with Alicia's continual "I'm not running" line we've heard for the past few weeks. It's been obvious from the start of the season that this storyline was not going to go away, and Castro's comment towards the end of the episode about her lover being gunned down in his courtroom solidified Alicia's campaign. (I actually gasped - what a low blow.)

Another great guest star, Gloria Steinem, also encouraged Alicia to run. It was a powerful moment for the show, and a thought provoking one for women. As Gloria pushed Alicia she asked, "If you will do a good job, why not run?" Keep that in mind when working on that next job interview or big project ladies.

So now that she is thinking of running, what exactly is the plan, Eli? Looks like we will find out next week. 

Did you catch the To Kill A Mockingbird reference Dean made in the elevator? Remember, you can watch The Good Wife online any time and maybe you'll even catch the reference to my favorite book. Bonus points for Dean.

Where do you think Alicia's run for State's Attorney will take us next? Start the conversation below and let's talk it out together. 

Dear God Review

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