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Cary's pre-trial service officer is introduced and helps get us caught up what's been happening since Cary's release from jail. After interviewing Cary, Alicia and Diane, it's clear that tensions are high at Florrick, Agos, Lockhart & Associates. Cary is clearly not on board with all the new associates from Lockhart Gardner, and all new clients means more space is needed. Diane and Dean offer to finance the first year of rent for additional space above their current offices. 

Cary faces a setback in his trial when the State's Attorney suggests he is behind the disappearance of the key witness for the case. Kalinda, who after telling Bishop who the informant was, lets the informant know Bishop is coming for him so he can get away. 

Meanwhile, Alicia and Dean take over one of Cary's cases; a dispute over genetically engineered seeds and illegal planting between neighbors. When the two clients can't take the lawyers' arguing, they decide to move the trial to Christian arbitration and leave it up to God to decide. The arbitrator asks everyone to tell the truth, so when the defendant admits his guilt, he and the plaintiff work things out on their own.

Amidst the trial, and questioning from Cary's pre-trial service officer, Alicia keeps getting asked about her run for State's Attorney. While she firmly states she is not running, a conversation with guest star Gloria Steinem starts to change her mind. Add in a heated chat with Castro, and Alicia looks ready to make a run for State's Attorney. 

The Good Wife
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