The Originals Round Table: "Alive & Kicking"

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Things are getting serious for Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson on The Originals. Their parents are alive and kicking, the werewolves are forming a witch-led army and Davina's hiding the White Oak stake.

What did we think of "Alive & Kicking?"

Join the TV Fanatic Round Table panel - consisting of Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee of, along with TV Fanatics Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker - as we chat about all things New Orleans; then be sure to chime in below with your comments!

The Originals RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from The Originals Season 2 Episode 2?

Heather: This is a rather throwaway line within the context of the episode, but when Kol is "directing" the Shakespeare play and laments the skills of his actors with "...but we are in the colonies." The laugh that burst out of me, you guys... 

Crissy: Loved Mikael destroying those wolves, ripping out hearts and then turning on Elijah. Original fisticuffs is my fave. Best line for me was Kaleb's snark to Finn about boring Davina into spilling secrets.

Leigh: Klaus really knows how to open a bottle of wine effectively, I must say. Enjoyed his freak out and yelling at Elijah "what could possibly be worse or more important?!" Elijah: Ummm dad's back. Yeah that's worse. 

Miranda: Heather, the former English teacher in me totally chuckled at that! I loved Klaus knocking Oliver to the ground solely to help Hayley. He could have killed the guy. The werewolves hate him. But he needed to show that she was better and worthy of being followed. Well done, dude. Well done.

Will Marcel be able to win Davina over to Team Vampire?

Heather: I think it'll be a rocky road, but yes. Yes, I do, never mind that I selfishly want them on the same team again because it's one of my favorite relationships on the show. Marcel and the Mikaelsons needs every bit of help they can get against Esther, and I'm inclined to believe that Esther is far scarier than Mikael in these circumstances. Plus I love the idea of Davina using Mikael for Klaus rather than against him. 

Crissy: Ya, I'm also pro Davina and Marcel being on the same team, though like Elijah I don't really "do" teams.

Leigh: I really loathe Mikael, so I am in support of Heather's idea above. It's always great to see Marcel come to Davina's rescue no matter what terms they are on. I hope they team up but she did have a point when she told Elijah that it's their turn to be scared. Davina needs more protection. 

Miranda: Oooh, I do love the idea of having Davina use Mikael for Klaus. I think he won't have much persuading to do after she saw the speed with which Mikael would have dispatched Elijah, even if she doesn't like the Original. She could have let Mikael kill him and that wouldn't have affected Marcel in any way, but she didn't. I think she knows she's getting into something bigger than herself.

Can Hayley trust Oliver? Should she?

Heather: I hope Oliver isn't too far past redemption because he could be a good ally; I'm not sure he'll ever get past his hatred of vampires enough to embrace Hayley, though. He wasn't a fan of her to begin with, and now that she's a hybrid? I dunno. As much as it bums me out - having an inexplicable fondness for the character - I'm not sure Oliver will be long for this world if he insists on butting heads with Hayley. 

Crissy: Zero percent trustworthy. I have not forgiven Oliver for his seduction trickery with Rebekah and never will.

Leigh: Def not. What could've changed Oliver's strong feelings against Hayley in a matter of hours? And where the hell is Jackson? True Blood is over! 

Miranda: Not for one hot minute, even though I really do like the actor playing Oliver. I would've chosen him to play Jackson over the guy who actually plays Jackson because Oliver has chemistry with everyone. (Seriously. Beks, Davina, probably Francesca...) But the character? Keep him close. He's an enemy.

Which parent should Klaus and Elijah take out first?

Heather: Esther. Without question. Though I have to wonder what an Esther and Mikael reunion looks like. How would Esther feel about her husband, the MechaVampire Who Eats Vampires? 

Crissy: Esther, always kill Esther.

Leigh: Mikael! I too would love to see an Esther and Mikael reunion, but he bothers me more. I feel like his presence is pointless. Esther is entrenched in the witches/werewolves storyline. 

Miranda: I would actually love to see Mikael and Esther take each other out in some freaky witchy-vampire twist. How perfect would that be? They created these monsters together. They get destroyed and their children live on. Perfect.

What's Kaleb's next move?

Heather: Ensuring he can stay in that body forever? Oh, wait, sorry, that might just be the move I want him to make... For a character that's been relatively one-note throughout his Vampire Diaries run, with surprising nuance cropping up when he was trapped on the crumbling Other Side in The Vampire Diaries Season 5, I'm hoping we really see Kol go from minor to a full-blown struggle when it comes to his mother's aims. The thing about Kol is that he likes what he is (or what he was, rather), so to see him aligning with Esther seems like a strange bedfellows situation. This guy was scared of Silas-worshiping witches who wanted to wreak hell on earth. I hope he's plotting, and I hope he aligns himself with his brothers sooner rather than later. 

Crissy: Agree all 'round. Betray Esther! Reunite with Niklaus! Stop using your magic to look at women's knickers, you perv!

Leigh: He already lied to Esther so I too think he's going to try and align with his brothers. I also think he's crushing on D for real! 

Miranda: I really loved getting to learn more about Kol through the years and actually developed a little more understanding of the character. I'd love to see him stick around because when it comes down to it, the siblings work best when there are three of them. Otherwise, Klaus and Elijah kill the big bad and then go back to pouting over the girl. Kol makes an interesting addition to the mix. So I vote Koleb teams up with his brothers to take down their mother.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Klaus: Your people need a leader. You are their queen.
Hayley: I am a mess. I cry all day. I feed all night. All I can think about is how much I miss my daughter.

[to Elijah] Hayley is one of us now. Being a vampire only exaggerates what you truly are, and wolves are wild things.


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