The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Hello, Father

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If there's one thing nearly every single fan of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals loves, it's a good flashback scene.

The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 gave us a plethora of flashbacks which paralleled nicely with events in the modern day while also providing us with Kol's story with Klaus and Elijah and how it was he came to be daggered all those years ago.

Newsflash: It wasn't Klaus' decision. At least not entirely.

Since we first met Klaus, we've known he has a penchant for daggering his siblings in order to put them into a state of suspension so that he can keep his family together. Along the way, we've learned that Rebekah was daggered and undaggered several times and it always seemed as if Elijah hated this habit of his brother's.

As tonight revealed, the truth is that sometimes it was Elijah's idea to do the daggering.

Elijah, ever noble, was responsible for Kol being daggered at least twice, once to protect them from Mikael and another time to protect a young Marcellus. The second daggering is the one most relevant to "Alive & Kicking."

Tonight we saw Elijah making personal sacrifices, again, for the sake of his family. It's what he does. It's not a habit he seems intent to kick any time soon. When it comes to what's best for his family, namely Klaus, he does what he has to do, often at great personal cost.

Klaus is right that Elijah doesn't see Hayley in the same light now that she's a hybrid. He seems to be having a hard time reconciling her newfound bloodlust with his image of her from before she was turned.

But what Elijah is having the most difficulty with is the way that he's not the one who can reach her because he's not the one who is a hybrid. That's a job for Klaus, and he rose to the challenge tonight by showing Hayley that she's capable of leading her pack once again, even if she is a hybrid.

Elijah isn't walking away from her because he doesn't care about her. He's walking away from her because Klaus needs her more. Perhaps he cares more about Klaus than about his own personal happiness.

The scene on the balcony where he watched as Klaus congratulated Hayley on uniting the Crescent pack with the Original family said it all.

Just as Elijah once helped Klaus dagger his brother and turned his back on Marcellus to send the boy back to Klaus, he must now do the same for Hayley. 

Both Marcellus and Hayley represent Klaus' redemption, and Elijah can see that. They give him purpose and tie him to his humanity. They, and his daughter, were and are his hope. Literally and figuratively.

The flashback scenes of Elijah and Marcellus working on making sure Marcellus was an educated gentleman were interesting to watch as they're some of the first we've seen of the two interacting in the early 1800s. Knowing that Elijah was once quite fond of the young boy but turned him away so that Marcellus and Klaus' bond could be strengthened made for an excellent tie-in to the current situation in which Elijah and Marcel find themselves.

They must work together if they hope to save the Quarter from the witches and werewolves, and sort of proved that they could do so while trying to convince Davina to turn over the White Oak stake.

Marcel, it seems, can no longer remember the fondness he once had for Elijah. Or perhaps he can remember it but being turned away by someone he valued as a surrogate parent has just clouded the other memories out. He's protecting himself from that same hurt even now.

Judging by the way Marcel left his newest vampire in Elijah's very capable hands, he's willing to trust his former friend once again, particularly if that means rising back to power and reclaiming the city he once called home. The question is whether Elijah is willing to open himself up and let Marcel in knowing what it once did to Klaus.

He'll have to figure it out soon because both Esther and Mikael are back and hellbent on destroying their children. 

During a sit-down with Casther, Klaus realized that he wasn't talking to someone under the influence of his mother. He was talking TO his mother. 

At the same time, Elijah learned that Mikael is back and under Davina's control. A battle is brewing on all fronts for the Original siblings, a situation in which they've found themselves before.

Koleb will prove crucial to this fight.

He's disillusioned with his mother's plan, but does his father's presence scare him enough to send him to his brothers' side? We can probably expect to see some very interesting things coming from him as this storyline progresses.

Say, an alliance with Davina? It's about time the girl got some friends, so if she's the one to tame Kol and he convinces her to help our guys instead of joining forces with his mother, I'm all for it. 

What did you think of The Originals Season 2 Episode 2? Will Davina join Team Vampire in the fight against Esther? Will Oliver prove loyal to Hayley?

If you've missed an episode, you can always watch The Originals online right here at TV Fanatic to get caught up!

And here's your first look ahead to The Originals Season 2 Episode 3, "Every Mother's Son."

Alive & Kicking Review

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Klaus: Your people need a leader. You are their queen.
Hayley: I am a mess. I cry all day. I feed all night. All I can think about is how much I miss my daughter.

[to Elijah] Hayley is one of us now. Being a vampire only exaggerates what you truly are, and wolves are wild things.


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