Agents of SHIELD Round Table: Ward's So-Called Life

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We finally had a chance to meet Senator Christian Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 6. Of course, we still have no idea whether Ward was exaggerating about him or not and now the traitor is free. Coulson's not going to be too happy (unless he planned it).

Join TV Fanatics Kathleen Wiedel, Allison Nichols, Jim Garner and Henry A. Otero - plus Andy Behbakht of the Helicarrier Podcast to discuss the Senator, the awkward Fitz-Simmons reunion, the Hunter-Bobbi dynamic and so much more.

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What's your opinion of Senator Christian Ward? Is he the guy Grant described to Skye or is it possible his Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Episode 8 story is made up?

Kathleen: Whether or not Grant's story was made up, I really don't think that Christian is a nice guy. For one thing, he's a D.C. politician!

Allison: I am thinking that there is more to Christian that meets the eye. I'm hoping he is worse than what Ward describes because I think it would be interesting to see how the team reacts when Christian's true nature is revealed, knowing that they sent Ward to him. Yes, Ward is a not nice guy, but it could be a cool moral issue for the team to wonder if they still are the good guys, seeing as how the sacrificed Ward to a monster. Of course, Ward is in escape mode so probably won't get there, but you know, details.

Jim: Having come from a family where we remember childhood events very differently, I suspect there are nuggets of truth from both sides. Of course given that Grant is a bit on the crazy side, I would tend to side towards Christian as a rule.

Andy: I really, really enjoyed Tim DeKay as Christian Ward even though I couldn't exactly put my finger on whether he is good or bad. I didn't feel like that was the guy Grant described to us in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 and it was interesting that Christian pointed out "Oh, so now it's a well" when Coulson told him what Ward told them last year. I think I need to see another episode or two with him in it to judge if he is good or not, but judging from that last scene he had, when he went out to the press and confessed that his brother was Hydra, he might actually be the good one in the Ward family.

Hank: I had the same thought as Jim, as kids our memories tend to be exaggerated. We know that Ward isn't exactly sane, so perhaps that's his truth of how things went down at the well. Though as Andy points out Christian made it seem "the well" incident is a total lie. I have a feeling Senator Ward is not what he seems and that will play into Grant Ward's redemption. Either way, great job by both Dalton and DeKay this week.

Do you find the Hunter-Bobbi dynamic fun or is the constant complaining about the ex getting old?

Kathleen: I enjoyed the two of them on the mission together, quipping and sniping and doing a frankly awesome fight sequence. Though the verbal sparring should be used in moderation! It's one thing to complain about your ex, it's another to complain about him/her when he/she is in the same room!

Allison: Super fun! I love it. The writers can't have the bickering take up a big chunk of every episode, but in this episode, it was fine. We hadn't really seen the two of them together yet.

Jim: I enjoyed them in this episode, the scene where they are arguing and both stop to shoot the bad guy had me in stitches! But, as Allison said, they can't have them bickering all the time or it will get old quick.

Andy: Both yes and no. I got to a certain point where I was sort of moaning that they were arguing so much, but you know what? As long as a scene involves Bobbi (who is so awesome), I'm good because I want as much of Palicki as possible because she blew me away with her first episode. Heck, you could have her doing laundry and I would still love it and find it interesting. Yes, I'm a huge Mockingbird fan now. On a serious note, they do have good dynamic together and at the end of the episode, it seemed that maybe they will be able to start getting along.

Hank: I agree with everyone, too much of anything can get old quick. I was already a little tired of Hunter's ex-bashing which is why Mack rolling his eyes was so much fun. The writers knew that's how the audience must be feeling. The bickering during the fight sequence worked though and it does seem from this point forward the exes will tone it down a bit.

Talk about the Fitz-Simmon reunion. Was it what you were expecting? How did you feel about Mack and Simmons' chat?

Kathleen: The Fiz-Simmons reunion went pretty much how I suspected it would. And Simmons seeing Fitz getting on so well with Mack, the way he used to with her, was at once uplifting and heartbreaking. She knows that her presence was hurting his recovery. And yet, by the same token, did her absence help? However you feel about it, Fitz is forming new relationships and bonds. They will probably never really be FitzSimmons again, and I'm not quite sure Simmons has actually accepted that.

Allison: It was not what I was expecting at all, and I love it. I can't wait to see how Simmons tries to fix the effect she has on Fitz. Simmons' chat with Mac broke my heart.

Jim: The whole thing broke my heart. Simmons knew that she was a catalyst for him being worse so she left, but Fitz feels like her leaving is why he is worse. I hope when Grant is taken down she gets to be the one to do it. I appreciated Mack's talk with her, maybe she will find a way to reconnect with "new Fitz" in the end.

Andy: I sort of expected the things that we saw to happen. The incident in the season finale has changed them both forever and things are not as easy as they used to be. So of course there is going to be a lot of tension and I honestly think Simmons is just as lost as Fitz is because they are both so different now. I liked Mack being straight up with Simmons and I can sense that there is going to be some intensity between them in the next few weeks.

Hank: I honestly didn't expect their reunion to be this difficult. Fitz has done nothing but break my heart this season, which is great from a storytelling point of view. Fitz's arc has also been a real showcase for Iain De Caestecker's incredible talent. I just want things between Fitz-Simmons to lighten up a bit. I have a feeling Mack is going to play a big part in that.

So it appears Ward is now free. Any idea what his next move is?

Kathleen: Ward may try to locate and join up with Skye's father. Though he might also track down his brother and tell him exactly how he feels about him. It's hard to tell at this point.

Allison: I am thinking the same thing as Kathleen - Ward might team up with Skye's dad. Ward doesn't really have any allies at the moment. He has never been loyal to Hydra, so it doesn't make sense for him to turn to them for help. I don't know, maybe he will call Skye and either just tell her his plans or try to set up a meet.

Jim: He is as likely to go for ice cream and pie as he is to start a killing spree. There is no telling what that nut job is going to do next. But, for my money, I'm guessing he will rejoin Hydra.

Andy: Well to begin with, he is probably going to go and find a razor because he is probably sick of that beard of his. I think he is either going to team up with Skye's father, rejoin Hydra or something that we aren't expecting. I did get quite annoyed that he got away so soon, but I wonder if Coulson made this transfer to happen on purpose just so that Ward could escape? I wouldn't be surprised if Ward somehow has been given a tracker without even knowing about it and maybe Coulson wants him to lead them to Hydra? Either way, I want Coulson to have the upper hand here with Ward now out there.

Hank: Nothing that Ward has said so far would lead me to believe he'd go back to Hydra. He's said time and again his allegiance was to Garrett. I also feel like he will try to locate Skye's father and try to work that angle. It appears he's all about making things right with Skye at the moment. That's an interesting theory Andy about Coulson tracking Ward. The escape seemed far too easy didn't it? Perhaps Coulson is testing Ward? We know there's a redemption story coming for the guy, this could very well be the first step.

Share your theory on the guy with the alien writing tattoo.

Kathleen: He may have been another GH-325 subject Coulson, but I'm not really feeling it. It's possible that he's one of the Inhumans, as some have theorized Skye's father to be.

Allison: I find it interesting that the implication is that he has forgotten or is forgetting the map. The tattoos help him remember. This could mean that Coulson's condition is temporary or that the guy didn't get as big of a dose or something. It's very curious.

Jim: I've got no ideas on him. Though, the way he was cradling the guys hand while he worked was a bit creepy.

Andy: I have zero ideas on who the guy with the alien writing tattoo is. Could he be another Inhuman? Is this a Cougar Town/Agents of SHIELD crossover? Yeah, probably not, but I was surprised to see that actor who plays Bobby on that show to show up on SHIELD. I guess we will find out who he is on November 11 and yes, I hate hiatuses even if there are just one week.

Hank: The next episode is titled "The Writing on the Wall" and deals with the alien glyphs so we'll find out soon enough. I don't think tattoo guy's an "Inhuman" though. The tattoo artist tells us the tats are fresh, so the stranger hasn't been seeing them long. I'm thinking HYDRA (or Skye's father) is testing the GH formula. This man might just be a test subject. Can't wait to learn more!

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