Chicago Fire Round Table: Severide's Surprising News

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Now that we've recovered from Severide's surprising news in Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 7, who's ready to discuss? Here we go!

On the agenda this week: what Severide's Vegas marriage means for him and those around him, possible tension between Casey and Dawson, and is there more behind Brett's friendship with Severide than meets the eye?

TV Fanatic staff writers Maggie Fremont, Stacy Glanzman and Bridget Liszewski are joined by TV Fanatic super fan Sarah Silva below. See what they have to say and then add your thoughts in the comments section...

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So Severide returned from Vegas, and guess what. He’s married! Discuss.

Stacy: I can't say I'm super shocked he came back from Vegas married. He's dealing with a lot right now and it sounds like Brittany is too. Two grieving people getting married on a whim does not sound like a very solid foundation.

Bridget: With the way he has been acting lately, the fact that Severide got married in Vegas definitely wasn't a huge surprise. I want to be happy for him, but there's definitely a nagging voice in my head that won't go away that says this won't turn out well. I hope that voice is wrong. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Maggie: I have to say, when he first showed up with his big announcement, I felt the same uneasiness as Dawson. However, that last scene with Severide and Brittany reminding one another that they saved each other made me rethink things. Although it's not the healthiest reaction to the grieving process, at least these two have a deeper connection than just getting hammered in Vegas. 

Sarah: I predicted he would get married when I saw the episode, so I was not surprised. Severide seems happy for the first time since Shay died.

What are your first impressions of Brittany? Do you think this could work out well for Severide or does this marriage still have disaster written all over it? Where would you put your money in the station house pool?

Stacy: I kind of like her. I'm not sure if this marriage could work for the reasons I mentioned, but she doesn't seem like she's using him or anything like that. I think they're both in a bad place right now and clinging to any happiness they can find, but chances are once the honeymoon phase is over and they really start to get to know each other, problems will arise. I think I'd agree with Casey and give them six weeks.

Bridget: I am with the rest of the squad, and I really liked her. She definitely gave a good first impression, and it's easy to see why Severide is drawn to her. She clearly has something going on, and troubles of her own. Hopefully those don't turn out to harm Severide in the end as well. If I was going to put money in the pool I'd give them 2 months.

Maggie: I'm glad they're making Brittany a seemingly smart, successful woman with some layers. I'd be mad if Severide married some bimbo he met in a casino. I'm hoping there's some depth to the relationship. I'm well-aware that they hardly know each other and this could be a complete disaster, but to me it seemed like they really connected. I'm putting my money on Severide for this one!

Sarah: I like her. I think she went through something tragic like Kelly and they will help each other heal. I am an optimist, so I hope the marriage lasts. My bet in the station house pool will be forever.

Was anyone getting a jealous vibe from Brett over Severide’s news? They really aren’t going to go there with her are they?

Stacy: Yeah, the vibe was definitely there, especially when Dawson commented that it could have been her. She may have a crush on him, but she just got out of a relationship and Severide is obviously not in a good place right now so if they do go anywhere with it, it probably won't be this season. 

Bridget: I definitely got a disappointed and jealous vibe from Brett when she heard the news about Severide. I'm hoping for now it stays as just a harmless crush and nothing more. Severide clearly has his hands full at the moment, and I think the best thing for both of them would be to remain in the "friend-zone."

Maggie: It definitely read like a little school-girl crush jealousy to me. How great was that awkward first meeting between Brett and Brittany? I don't think they're going to draw out Brett pining for Severide - I think even by the end of this episode she realized that she was unhappy trapped in her last relationship and was maybe a little relieved that it wasn't her in Vegas.

Sarah: Yes she was very jealous. I really do not want to see a Brett and Severide romance.
Where do you fall on Dawsey? Are they only putting off the wedding because of rules or was Severide maybe right and there’s more to the story?

Stacy: I'm finding them a little boring this season honestly. I'm not all that invested in their relationship. They haven't even been engaged that long so I don't think it's that big of a deal that they're putting it off for a little while. 

Bridget: I agree with Stacy, and I am a little bored by Dawsey's story as well. I guess that's the fear writers have when they put couples together. Also, Stacy's right, they haven't been engaged that long, so Severide pointing that out felt forced and he was obviously deflecting. It may be good for this to be explored though if it adds some drama and good storytelling elements for Dawsey.

Maggie: I thought their scenes in this episode were sweet. I don't think either is consciously avoiding their wedding, but I think this postponement will definitely take its toll on the relationship.

Sarah: I have never been a Dawsey fan and I am fine with them putting off their wedding. I think what Severide said had some truth to it, and there is more to the story, but it also is partly because of the firehouse rules.

What do you think Shay would think of both Severide and Dawson’s actions?
Stacy: That's hard to say since if Shay were alive, there's no way Severide would be married right now. However, if she could return to him as a ghost or something right now, I think she'd be the supportive friend she's always been. He's hurting right now and not making the best decisions, but everyone reacts to grief differently and he really needs a friend right now more than a lecture. Plus, Shay's been down the self-destructive path before and Severide helped her through it, now he needs someone to do that for him. I think Casey is the right choice since he's the one who's not being overly judgmental of him. As far as Dawson's actions, again I don't really think putting off the wedding while she focuses on her brand new career is a bad thing.

Bridget: Shay definitely had issues of her own and went through a self-destructive phase. I think she'd be able to speak from experience and get through to Severide in a way no one else could. Shay would be supportive of Dawson and her ambitions to become a firefighter. She'd totally support her delaying her marriage to Casey for it. I was a little disappointed to see Severide and Dawson argue this week. As the two people closest to Shay, I hope they can come together and be there for each other in the end.

Maggie: I think Shay would definitely have some concern over Severide's Vegas marriage, but ultimately, those two always wanted the best for each other and if she saw that he was truly happy, she'd be on board. As far as Dawson, I think Shay would be encouraging Gabby to get married and not waste time. She was the biggest Dawsey fan out there, after all.

Sarah: Severide would never have gone to Vegas if Shay had not died. However she would talk to him, and if she saw how happy he was, she would be okay with it. As for Dawson, she would make sure she was not putting off the wedding for any other reason but the rules. If Dawson was, then Shay would be there to listen.

Do you think Newhouse has learned his lesson, or will he continue his dangerous side job despite Mills’ warnings and what everyone at Firehouse 51 did for him?

Stacy: I don't think we've seen the end of this story line yet. My guess is something else will come up and drag Newhouse back in. 

Bridget: As much as I'd like to see this be the end of Newhouse's side gig, I'm afraid it's not. There has to be more to this story. I just hope he makes it out of it all unharmed in the end.

Maggie: I don't think this is the last of his investigating days. I actually hope we'll get to see more of him on the job. Also, if he quits, who would save all the puppies?!

Sarah: I hope Newhouse is done with his side job. I can see him wanting to make extra cash to support his daughter, but work at Molly's instead of the dangerous work he is doing!

We didn’t see much of the hyped “Crossover Event.” Were you disappointed by that or ok with the amount of Voight and Lindsay we did see?

Stacy: I was waiting the whole episode for them to show up and definitely expected to see them earlier. I would have liked to see a little more of them but what we saw set up the story nicely for the two hour conclusion.

Bridget: I had somewhat tempered expectations when it came to the crossover going into the episode. All signs pointed to most of the crossover taking place on Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. So I was ok with the little amount we did get and seeing Voight and Lindsay just at the end of the episode.

Maggie: I was hoping for a little more cross-pollination, even just a nice scene between Lindsay and Severide would have sufficed. I did love the tension between Voight and Severide though - two tough guys not wanting to show any type of deference towards the other. I was really hoping someone from CF would pop up in PD or SVU, but alas, it was not meant to be. Next time, I guess? 

Sarah: I am fine with the amount of Voight and Lindsay we saw. It set up the SVU and Chicago PD episodes nicely.

Finally, and most importantly, who wants in on Cruz’s Zumba class?

Stacy: That I definitely did not see coming. I think they just threw that in there to have an excuse for Brett to teach him to cook. It was pretty funny though and I would take his class.

Bridget: Seriously how great were those scenes of Cruz leading the class? Hilarious! I would totally be down for his class and would be first in line to sign up. 

Maggie: Has someone created a fake Yelp page for this class yet, because that needs to happen! CruZumba is the best! 

Sarah: I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. However I am an avid Zumba dancer and he sure looks like he would be fun instructor.

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Boden: Looks like the trip was good for you.
Severide: Yea. Vegas was great. You know played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun, and oh yea, I got married.

Cruz: Dominican sausage and peppers!
Dawson: Dude. If you keep calling your food "Dominican" I'm going to have to kick your ass on behalf of an entire country.