Marry Me Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Bruges Me

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How can one man remain so calm while surrounded by all the crazies in his life?

This was just one of the many questions I asked myself while watching Marry Me Season 1 Episode 6

Jake was finally given the A-plot, while Annie took a backseat with Gil. However, Jake taking the lead revealed certain aspects of the show that aren't working yet.

Bonding Time - Marry Me

Jake has remained one of the more rational members of the group. He tends to be the voice of reason when everyone else is falling apart. Still, his ability to fix other people's problems felt forced this time around.

It was wonderful to see the two Kevins have more screen time, but their characters seemed a little crazier than usual, no? Perhaps watching them interact with Annie made them appear more stable than they actually are.

It's obviously not crazy to have worries about marriage, but the way they fought felt inorganic. Jake managed to save the day when he talked to Kevin 1 about his own worries about marriage. 

Kevin 1: You really don't think things will change?
Jake: Look man if they do, it's only going to be for the better. Personally, it was the best decision I've ever made. That and my new part [hair]. You know I switched sides.
Kevin 1: Yeah I know. I've been tracking that. It's way better.

Even so, the resolution felt rushed by having Kevin 1 propose to Kevin 2. Yes Jake is a good person to talk to, but he's not the greatest advice giver. The speedy conclusion didn't work. 

On the bright side of that storyline, we got some great moments from their interactions. I loved the scene where Kevin 1 and Jake were begging the waitress to stay and talk to them just so they wouldn't have to be awkward around each other. 

It was also great to see Jake, and the show, mention how hard it is to keep track of which Kevin is which. 

Jake: I wish we were just allowed to say white Kevin and black Kevin. Are we?
Kay: No.
Jake: Racism.

Good news is that Dan Bucatinsky has been upped to series regular. I just hope we'll see plenty more of Tim Meadows as well. Their chemistry is great, but I want more consistency with their personalities.

Annie and Gil have remained the most consistent characters so far. I enjoyed seeing them team up for the Flemish pride parade. Gil didn't mention his divorce at all, which made him much more likable. 

Gil's an odd character but so is Annie. They played well off each other during their song writing session. I honestly don't have any complaints with Gil this week. His offhanded comments were funny, especially when he delivered them in a serious manner.

Gil: I am 120% Flemish.
Jake: 120?
Gil: We had a little bit of inbreeding going on.
Annie: Why are you proud of that?
Gil: Well, it's nice to have a family that gets along.

This week my complaints are geared toward the missing pieces to these characters. Let's start with Dennah and Kay. The show has got to give these girls more to do. Let's see Dennah teach, or let's learn something else about Kay. We're six episodes into the show, and all I know about Kay so far is that she's a lesbian. 

Another thought occurred to me when watching this episode: When does anyone work? 

We saw Jake get fired in the pilot episode, but that's the only mention of work there's been for him. More glaring is that we have no idea what Annie does. Her job has not been brought up once. Does she even work?

What does Kay do? Gil? We have no idea what these characters do outside of hanging out with one another. This needs to be fixed soon. We need to see them interact with other people at some point. 

So over to you guys. What did you think of the episode? Are you glad Jake got to take center stage this week? Did you like watching Annie and Gil team up? What do you think everyone does for a living? Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on all the episodes when you watch Marry Me online right here at TV Fanatic! 

Bruges Me Review

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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You have to try the pancakes. You will be blown away by how terrible they are.


Gil: I am 120% Flemish.
Jake: 120?
Gil: We had a little bit of inbreeding going on.
Annie: Why are you proud of that?
Gil: Well, it's nice to have a family that gets along.