Mulaney Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Sweet Jane

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The stand-up at the beginning of Mulaney Season 1 Episode 4 was a great segue into what one one of the storylines, and fundamental truth, this installment would focus on. 

I don't think you could ever put together a heist of just women. Like Ocean's 11 with just women wouldn't work. Because two of them would keep breaking off to talk about the other nine.


That truth being that girls (often) don't like each other when they first meet. And they can turn into a special kind of animal when guys are involved. A topic that I could rant about and bitch about, but will resist for the sake of reviewing this show. 

This old Mulaney joke was incorporated nicely into the plot of the episode. Mulaney has a roommate, who is a girl and who is his best friend of eight years. Jane is also a little bit off her rocker. I can see myself being put off by her just by how loud and extroverted she is, and I would probably fall into the trap of not liking her when I met her.

I didn't say I was an exception to this flaw of my female judgment, just that I am aware it exists. I love that John Mulaney comments on this kind of stuff too, one of the reasons he quickly became one of my favorite comedians. 

There was some logic to the thinking that these two girls could get along if they both found something in common that they hate. Unfortunately, it backfired when Jane decided to defend Andre, instead of hating the show with Kristin.

Speaking of Andre, I am starting to get really annoyed with this character. The same goes for the neighbor, Oscar. 

Mulaney choose this moment to put forth to Jane Motif's theory about her, that Jane may be jealous of Mulaney's girlfriends. We were then treated to Jane's brutal, awe worthy takedown of Mulaney. She definitely went for the proverbial male throat on this one by attacking his skills in the sack. I thought it was glorious. 

Lying there with your dead weight on me, totally in your own Catholic head. Just trying to delay the inevitable. And then the look you gave me just to say did you??? And no John, I didn't. That's the dream.

If I watched Seinfeld I suspect that my favorite line of the show would have come from Kristin, when she compared the two shows. As I said in my Mulaney Season 1 Episode 1 Review, I leave the comparisons to you true fans out there. Although, I have been doing some reading up and can see the similarities.

You know, I defend you when people say you are a Seinfeld rip off.


If Kristin had not showed up to Lou's apartment later, after following Mulaney there, I would think that this line would have meant a lot for their relationship. But it turned out that Jane was right about Kristin, she was a comedian chaser, otherwise known as a ha ha ho.

My favorite witty remark from the show was when Mulaney summed up Friends in a single sentence. 

It was kind of for us, by us.


This line was one that I thought captured what John Mulaney's humor is all about. He takes mundane things about life, society, the rest of the world or whatever and turns it into something that is hilarious, while also carrying some hidden insight. 

After Mulaney uttered this line, we still weren't done with the Friends references. I loved when Mulaney said that all of his flirting and courtship skills were learned from the show, specifically Ross. Playing into Mulaney's awkward,swaggerless 30-year old male persona. It comes off as endearing too! 

He was humble, he was nervous and he had no swagger. Oh my God! That's how I learned to talk to women.


I am still not used to seeing John Mulaney in this sitcom format, but I did enjoy this episode. Is Mulaney's stand-up genius translating over to this show yet? I am not convinced. When it made that Seinfeld joke, the show proved to me that it is self-aware. Something I can respect and my favorite thing about Mulaney's comedy. 

Its off to a weak start in the ratings and its hard to survive in the network TV ratings rat race. I hope the show gets a chance to come into its own. 

Do you agree that this episode of Mulaney was an improvement? Did you have a favorite line from the show? 

Hit the comments below to discuss! Don't forget that you can watch Mulaney online via TV Fanatic! 

Sweet Jane Review

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Mulaney Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

It was kind of for us, by us.


I don't think you could ever put together a heist of just women. Like Ocean's 11 with just women wouldn't work. Because two of them would keep breaking off to talk about the other nine.