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It was all about "Family Business" on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6, as Belle searched for the truth about her mother, Anna got the goods on the Snow Queen's past and Emma read a scroll about being a sister.

Our TV Fanatics Mary Kate Venedam, Stacy Glanzman, and Allison Nichols are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss who they think Helga might be, if they want to see the Snow Queen unleash her curse and which story line they found to be a letdown...

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Any guesses on what happened to Helga or who she might be?

Gareth: I wondered if Helga became the White Witch from Narnia. Would be interesting if they connected both stories together, although I have a feeling Narnia may be explored separately in a future season. 

Mary Kate: No idea. Knowing Once Upon A Time it's probably somebody we met or is related to someone we know. I wonder if it's Aurora's mother or Malificent since we know she is the Big Bad coming up.

Stacy: Now that we know the Snow Queen is trying to remake her family, it wouldn't shock me if we find out that she killed both of her sisters. If she's alive and out there somewhere, I don't really have a guess on where she is. 

Allison: I think that maybe Ingrid did something to her (accidentally most likely). Then maybe because of what happened to Helga, Ingrid was trapped in that urn.

Paul: I don't have any guesses. She will most likely be in Storybrooke to bring this storyline full circle. I hope it isn't a main character and they change what we thought we knew about them. That would annoy me.

Why wouldn't Rumple just use the sorcerer's hat on the Snow Queen and take her powers?

Gareth: I was asking myself the same thing. Maybe he needs her in some way or is connected to her plan. Perhaps a deal was made between them long ago. 

Mary Kate: He probably has ulterior motives that will only benefit him. I mean, it is Rumple. That or maybe it's just a plot hole, but I have a feeling Rumple has his reasons.

Stacy: That actually didn't occur to me, but it's a good question. 

Allison: He said he wants something from her. Why would she help him if he took away her powers? He is using the hat as leverage to get what he wants. If Ingrid doesn't comply, then Rumple will use the hat on her.

Paul: Rumple is a wild card. The guy is involved in everything. I won't rule out that he is even more involved with the Snow Queen than we have already seen.

Did the mirror make Belle doubt whether the dagger was real or do you think those doubts and fears were there all along?

Gareth: I think the mirror plays on fears and doubts that are already there. The mirror simply reflected Belle’s fear that Gold is still a beast and hasn’t really changed, as well as her guilt about what happened to Anna. 

Mary Kate: Unfortunately, even though she had her doubts, once Rumple "told" her that it was the real dagger I think she believed him. She wants to think Rumple has changed, so she'll believe everything he says.

Stacy: I don't think she doubted it before the mirror. I think she believed Rumple gave that dagger to her as a show of trust and faith and Belle believed him until that mirror put doubt in her mind. 

Allison: I agree with Stacy and Mary Kate - Belle believed Rumple when he said it was the real dagger. Maybe the mirror points out what we don't want to see - whether it is a fear of doubt that is buried deep inside of us or just something that the rest of the world knows that we refuse to believe.

Paul: I think it made her doubt it. She did appear to have some sort of mental break, but she will have doubt in her mind.  I hope she will get confirmation soon. Rumple has been lying to the woman too long! 

Do you want the Snow Queen to unleash her curse to find out who will turn on whom in Storybrooke?

Gareth: In the original Hans Christian Anderson tale of the Snow Queen, the shards of glass from the mirror made people see only evil in the world. It sounds like they will be following this kind of storyline. I’m interested to see who succumbs to the darkness and what the consequences will be? I’d really love to see Emma go a bit dark. Snow and Charming also share one heart now, which was tainted by Cora’s murder. Be interesting to see Snow embrace her dark side. 

Mary Kate: I'm not dying to see it, but it would probably be entertaining to watch knowing there are obvious choices as to who would turn on each other. It would be interesting to see which recurring characters would turn on each other. But, with all the secrets/lies/rivalries that have been Storybrooke, I don't see it taking that long for the town to implode.

Stacy: This show is nothing without curses right? I say bring it on, should be pretty entertaining. 

Allison: I'm with Mary Kate. I am not impatiently waiting for this or anything. I would prefer for it not to happen, but I'm sure it would be a little entertaining. I just know that once the curse ends, everyone is going to have to cope with things that were said and done while under the influence of the curse, and it is going to shatter some relationships.

Paul: Yes. They can't build this storyline up and just have her thwarted at the last minute, can they? That would make for some annoying TV.

What, if anything, disappointed you about the episode?

Gareth: Disappointed that we seem to be going down the ‘Snow Queen has a Curse’ route yet again. The curse will no doubt be unleashed towards the mid-season finale. Mayhem will ensue. Quick resolve then on to Maleficent, who will also come packing a curse no doubt. It is time to find a new theme OUAT! 

Mary Kate: There is nothing that particularly stands out. I'm glad we know what the plan is, as crazy as it is. Elizabeth Mitchell is doing such a great job with the character just showing how crazy she is. The flashback made sense for the bigger story, which is always a good thing.

Stacy: Maybe Belle using the dagger on Rumple. Assuming Belle didn't doubt it was real, she was basically breaking the trust that was implied when Rumple gave it to her that she would never use it to control him. But Belle really deserves to know that Rumple's lying to her and I hope he gets what's coming to him soon.  

Allison: Belle's storylines. I love Belle, but her storylines did not impress me all that much. The flashback wasn't thrilling, and I felt like the writers made her go through all of the emotions in this episode. It is a little much. The moment where she says maybe she isn't worthy enough for Rumple annoys me. It would have made more sense if she just said she isn't worthy to have his dagger.

Paul: As much as I like Elizabeth Mitchell, I don't think she is that good in the role she is playing. Her scenes are all falling a bit flat. Also, why didn't Anna die when she fell, or at the very least, fatally injured?

What was your favorite scene?

Gareth: I enjoyed the scenes with Gold and the Snow Queen. Robert and Elizabeth work well together. She’s a worthy adversary for Gold. 

Mary Kate: I really enjoyed the Oaken scene. His character was so popular in the film and the actor portrayed it perfectly. I also enjoyed the scene with everyone at the Sherriff's Station just because it had all of the characters together which doesn't happen that often.

Stacy: I liked the scene with everyone searching for the ice cream truck. I liked Regina's Captain Guyliner line and her exchange with Robin. Lana Parrilla is incredibly talented. 

Allison: Regina wins this episode. The sass is there with the evil ice cream truck line, and her scene with Robin was heartbreaking. She wants her happy ending so badly, but she tells Robin to forget about her for Marian's sake.

Paul: Emma trying to be nice to Regina, and Regina making fun of Hook's eye liner. It was the funniest moment of the episode.

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