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In Arendelle of the past, Ingrid discovers she has freezing powers and becomes frightened. She hides herself away but her sisters Greta and Helga promise to always stand by her. 

The sisters head to Rumpelstiltskin who gives Ingrid gloves and the urn to stop her powers in return for the ribbons all three sisters have worn since they were children. Ingrid makes the sisters agree to the deal. 

The Duke of Weaselton learns of Elsa's powers and threatens to expose her. Helga stands up to him but when he gets aggressive, Ingrid uses her powers to try to stop him but hits Helga instead, accidentally killing her. Greta comes upon thme and is terrified. She puts Ingrid in the urn. Then she goes to the rock trolls and asks that they erase the memories of her sisters from everyone in Arendelle.

Back in Storybrooke, the Snow Queen tricks Emma into capturing her. Then she tells Emma how her family and friends really fear her powers and how her parents are relieved that their new child has no magic. Then she casts a spell and Emma's powers become uncontrollable. 

The Snow Queen flees and with no control over her powers, Emma knocks over a lamp post and nearly kills David and Hook. Seeing the fear in all their eyes, Emma runs off.

Regina encourages Robin to stay away from her so that he can fall back in love with his wife but he can't turn his feelings off and it's torturing them both. Later he comes back telling Regina he knows he should do what's right but he doesn't want to and then he kisses her.

Regina and Henry decide to focus on Operation Mongoose as Henry continues to work for Mr. Gold but Gold has Henry cleaning the shoppe.

The Snow Queen visits Mr. Gold. She offers him the missing piece of the puzzle to release him from the dagger. In return, she wants the three ribbons he took from her and her sisters. They make the deal. 

Once Upon a Time
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