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SAMCRO definitely took the adage an eye for an eye more literally than some of us could stomach on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 10

Below, TV Fanatics Amanda Wolf, Leigh Raines, Carla Day and Christine Orlando are joined by Kenny from Sons-of-Anarchy-net to discuss Moses Cartwright's demise, little Abel's big revelation and who was the most interesting couple in "Faith and Despondency."

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Moses Cartwright's death. Over the top or what he deserved?

Amanda: Not really over the top, just what he could have expected. It seemed like a draw back to his line of work. I did not really think that Moses was a pure enemy, he was just doing what Marks hired him to do. He did work for Blackwater after all. Once he did that to Bobby he could have expected some vengeance, but I am sure this isn't the first person who has wanted to get some revenge on him, he just got unlucky this time. I won't miss him, but nothing that happened was surprising for his character. 

Leigh: What he deserved. Although his eyeball hanging was really a lot for my gag reflex when I already wasn't feeling too good. Truly embracing the phrase "an eye for an eye." You get into that line of work, mess with an MC, that's what you should expect. 

Carla: I'm a bit embarrassed to say, but I didn't watch that scene. I turned away and covered my ears ... not that it helped. I don't know why, but I just was not in the right frame of mind to watch it. Was it deserved? In this world, absolutely. 

Kenny: Oh it was absolutely what he deserved. But don't be fooled, August Marks is still a very dangerous man. And now he knows Tyler is with SAMCRO so they can't play that card again. But I actually predicted at the end of last week's episode that Jax was going to kill Moses this week. That stare down between those to end of that episode looked to me like Moses was just then realizing Bobby was right and in the end someone wearing a reaper would slit his throat...or you know rip his eye out, cut off his fingers and shoot him in the head. 

Christine:  I was what he deserved but…ugh! I desperately tried not to look (not even embarrassed to admit it) and of course I glanced at the screen at just the wrong moment. I'm still struggling to get that image out of my head. 

Did Jax do the right thing when he told Abel that Wendy was his other Mommy?

Amanda: I don't know if anyone could choose a right thing to do in this situation. There is no way to know whether telling him that he has a second mommy would be good or bad for him, it's just to unpredictable. Will having a second mommy stop him from acting out on Gemma, probably not, he still knows that she killed Tara. 

Leigh: I don't know if there is a right or wrong thing in general, it probably depends on the family. I think the truth is generally the best option. In this case, yes, because now Abel let it slip about Gemma killing Tara.  

Carla: Jax's intentions were spot on. He saw his son acting out and having trouble adjusting to being without Tara. It would seem a bomb shell like that would confuse him more, but since Wendy's part of his life now and he's comfortable with her, it was a good time. Wendy can provide some stability in Abel's life that he's not getting from his father, grandmother or anyone else really.

Kenny: I'm actually very conflicted about this one. I'm really not a Wendy fan, a lot of people have said she needs to be the one to walk away with the kids. That she's the only stable person. And that is how they are writing her character this season so I get it. But in my mind all I can think when I hear that is in the shows timeline she just relapsed and went to rehab like a month ago. If that. BUT with that said, I do think Jax did the right thing for Abel by telling him. I think he did it right and used the right words. But most of all I loved it because it's hopefully going to be what leads Jax to the truth about Gemma killing Tara.

Christine:  Now that Wendy has become a stable, loving, care giver…yes. I think it was time to tell Abel the truth in the simplest way possible. He lost his mommy and he now knows he can't ever trust his grandma. He needs Wendy in his life right now. 

Who did you find to be the most interesting coupling in the episode?

Amanda: The most interesting couple was Venus and Tig. That came out of nowhere and it happened fast! That was one of the most emotionally deep scenes of the series. It also came from Tig, who we have not seen much of emotionally in this series. 

Leigh: Agreed with Amanda. Such a moving moment between Venus and Tig at the end when Tig was saying how he didn't have to hide who he was and they had that heart to heart. Got me a little choked up!  

Carla: Loved Tig's reaction to Venus' declaration of love and desire to pull back from their relationship. As mentioned, it was the first time we've seen Tig get emotional outside of the situations with his daughters. I will say that cut from Jax to Gemma was disturbing. Very disturbing.

Kenny: Oh hands down with out a doubt it was Tig and Venus. I can't say enough just how much respect I have for Kurt Sutter for having the guts to "go there" and for the actors who delivered just a great scene together. Kim Coates as Tig has been fantastic this season but he's never been better then he was with Venus. Kurt Sutter is the best showrunner on television and no other cast has as much chemistry. They need some Emmy consideration!!

Christine:  I really liked Tig and Venus. They were the most honest with one another and I'm rooting for them to get to the end of the season with some semblance of a happy ending. Of course Juice and Telly were interesting, more so because Jax seemed to sign off on it. I really wonder how long Juice will be able to hold on to his sanity now that Telly's reading him love poetry. 

On a scale of 1(worst) to 10 (best) rate Abel as your favorite TV child.

Amanda: When it comes to dropping information bombs, I give Abel a 9. He just needs to tell one more person his theory on why Gemma killed Tara and then it will be a 10. 

Leigh: Compared to what? He's clever as hell, I'll give him that!  

Carla: I can't really compare him to other TV children. He's not really a favorite of mine overall, though I do like how his story has evolved throughout this season.

Kenny: Yikes, well no kid their age is really a good actor so I think the online criticism is a bit harsh in Abel's case. But look at the shows Lost or The Walking Dead, both cast kids that at some point got hated on but the shows and were great regardless. I'd say the twins playing Abel are about a five or a six. They're playing a damaged broken boy. At that age that's pretty hard material.

Christine:  I haven't been the biggest fan of little Abel but this episode sold me. Hurting himself and blaming grandma was nothing short of genius. Reminded me a little of Tara faking the miscarriage and blaming Gemma. When he asked Jax that question at the end, I almost applauded. 

What was the most shocking moment of the show?

Amanda: The beginning. I never knew who they were going to show next. 

Leigh: Ummm Marilyn Manson giving it to Juice and later on reading him Emily Bronte while they snorted blow together. Like what?!? 

Carla: Abel's last comment to Jax about Gemma. Jaw hit the ground on that one, especially that the episode ended on Jax's reaction. When can I watch the next episode? 

Kenny: Well I had a feeling Tyler wouldn't turn on Jax. The previews made it look that way going in so I kind of suspected that he'd set up Moses. So I'm going to say seeing Juice become Tully's prison bitch was the most shocking. The intro to the show was that brilliant sex montage and when Juice was shown I figured he'd just be alone..But no no no he was under Telly. I hate Juice so I don't feel bad for him but I did not see that one coming.

Christine:  Abel asking Juice about grandma killing Mommy. I never expected Abel to be the one actually tell Jax the truth. It was perfectly played and like Carla, I can't wait for next Tuesday to get here. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Amanda: It is hard to pick a single scene, this was one of the best episodes of the series. I think it is a tie between Tig and Venus, and Jax's face when Abel told him about Gemma. 

Leigh: Venus and Tig really stole the show, but the ending with Abel had me holding my breath. I CANNOT wait for next Tuesday. WOW.  

Carla: I enjoyed the reveal that Ratboy and T.O. were captured and withstood the beating as part of a plan to take down Moses and Marks' crew. I didn't see that coming at all. I did wonder if T.O. gave a fake location, but that it was all a plan from the start was unexpected and a pleasant surprise.

Kenny: It was such a great episode. But for me it was the final scene with Jax and Abel. Jax telling him about Wendy and actually being a dad for a minute was great. And Abel exposing Gemma finally was the best. But honorable mention was the Venus and Tig scene in the dark. That was fantastic work.

Christine: Jax telling Abel that Wendy was the mommy whose tummy he came out of. It was surpassing and poignant and showed how far Jax and Wendy have come despite the mayhem that surrounds them. 

If you need to catch up on the mayhem, watch Sons of Anarchy online here at TV Fanatic. 

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