Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Will Jax Survive?

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Jax searched for the truth, Juice came clean and Gemma went on the run on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11.

Below, TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Amanda Wolf, Carla Day and Christine Orlando are joined by Kenny from to debate who will survive, if Jax can make things right and what was the most disturbing moment from "Suits of Woe."

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Will Jax survive the series?

Leigh: I waiver back and forth on this, but today I will say no. I don't think he will make it and I think he realizes that. He's going to the other presidents and admitting that he killed Jury by accident setting up a Mayhem vote.

Amanda: I don't think Jax will survive the series. Kurt Sutter refers to the show as a tragedy and I think Jax is that tragic character. 

Carla: I also go back and forth on this one. I think he will survive and suffer for all the death and pain he has brought on the world. That will be his punishment. Or, he could be killed, but that seems like the easy way out.

Christine:  I agree with Carla that death seems an easy way out but with so much violence surrounding him, anything is possible. I'd like to see Jax pull it together for his kids but that's probably a long shot at best. 

Kenny: I can see it going either way. If they take out August. Kill him. I can see him beating a mayhem vote. I can see him losing his patch and leaving Charming with his boys. I don't think the club would vote for his death. But he has a lot of enemies right now so if he does lose his patch he's a sitting duck so it's hard to see him survive. It's a total toss up, I'm going to say he lives.

How do you think Gemma's story will end?

Leigh: Hopefully in solitary or psychiatric. Gemma deserves to pay for what she did to Tara. She is not of sound mind either. I agree with what Christine said in her review about how it was sad that she gave Abel the ring, hoping he'll end up in that lifestyle that has caused so much murder and mayhem. 

Amanda: Unfortunately, I think that Gemma might survive this whole thing. As much as I don't want her too. OR! Maybe one of the other Sons will take her out. 

Carla: When Gemma was driving away, I thought maybe she would kill herself. This is Gemma though. She loves herself too much to do that. Maybe she'll live out her days with Unser, though I'll be disappointed if he stands by her after finding out the truth.

Christine:  Gemma has lost everything. Her family, her lover, and once Unser finds out she'll have lost her one true friend. Suicide seems an obvious option but I'm with Carla on this one. I don't think Gemma will go that route. I wonder if Unser will either turn her in or be the one who kills her in some sort of a struggle. 

Kenny: Hopefully it ends with Jax killing her. I know that's what I'm rooting for. Gemma has it coming. I was so mad when Nero started telling Jax he can't kill his own mother. Screw that man she helped kill his father and murdered his wife. Not to mention Bobby. But here's my worry, I think Juice will die for his part in the lie. Almost like he'll die for what happened to Bobby because of that lie. But Gemma will get to live. But man I hope they both die. 

Did you expect Juice to tell Jax the truth?

Leigh: Not really, but he really has nothing left. I was holding my breath as he built up to it and was so relieved when he finally told. 

Amanda: Not at all. I was on the edge of seat throughout this entire scene. And then when he was telling Jax, I couldn't believe it was happening. Once Juice realized that Jax was on to their lie, he knew that he would figure it out, so the one thing he could do was tell the truth. 

Carla: I also listened to each word. I actually had to rewind to make sure I heard it right. I couldn't believe that Juice actually came clean and told the entire truth. It was time.

Christine: I spent the entire scene waiting for that confession to be derailed somehow. For Juice to lie or for them to get interrupted…but it never happened. That in itself was a huge surprise. 

Kenny: I'd hoped he would and was on the edge of my seat. But Theo Rossi was so dead in the face during that scene I honestly didn't know what he was going to do. When he said he was sorry to hear about Abel I thought he was about to tell Jax his son is delusional, so when he started telling Jax the truth I lost it.

Nero told Jax the way to make this right was by honoring Tara. What did he mean by that and do you agree?

Leigh: I think that means by getting his children out of this life. The one thing Tara wanted more than anything was for the boys not to be raised in the shadow of SAMCRO.

Amanda: I think he meant that Jax should take the boys out of Charming and stick to the original plan, the one that Gemma killed Tara over. I am pretty sure even Nero would think that she is crazy for wanting Abel to patch in. I agree with what Nero said, I just don't think that Jax will have the freedom to do this. 

Carla: Same as the others. He believes Jax should take the boys and leave the club life behind. Yes, it's the only option he has for any small amount of redemption and hope for his boys. 

Christine: Tara wanted the boys out of this life and away from the violence and mayhem. I'm just not sure Jax is capable of following through on that. 

Kenny: I think Nero was telling Jax it's time to take his boys and get out of Charming. Get out of "the life". And yes I agree that Jax should honor Tara. He should kill Gemma and Juice. Beat the mayhem vote and step down and leave the club. Let Chibs run SAMCRO.

What was the most disturbing moment?

Leigh: It was all emotionally disturbing. It was an emotional episode. I was in tears by the end. I think the moment that made me cringe the most though was when Unser teased Jax about driving a carving fork through someone's head. That was messed up.

Amanda: This episode was heavy, and a lot of it was disturbing. The most disturbing scene for me was Gemma's face when she was driving away from Charming. Her face seemed to say that she accepted what was happening, and was fine that she was not going to pay for any of it. 

Carla: There were quite a few, but the worst to me was when Gemma gave Abel the ring. Before this final season started, I said my greatest fear was that the series would end with Abel sitting at the head of the table. With each episode Abel has headed in that direction and receiving that ring from Gemma horrified me. 

Christine: I'm with you, Carla. Gemma giving Abel that ring made me ill. That after all of the horrors that have occurred, she still sees SAMCRO as Abel's destiny. Tara must have been rolling over in her grave at that. 

Kenny:  I'm not sure I was disturbed by anything. But I'd say the scene with Gemma and Nero. When Nero finds out what she did and gets her to admit it. Nero was just so great in that scene. And when Gemma went to the school to give Abel that family ring so he has it when "he becomes a member". She is so delusional.

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Leigh: Jax and Nero at the end. Nero has been such a father figure for him. The two men who loved Gemma crying to each other and holding each other. I was definitely in tears. Great episode. 

Amanda: My favorite scene was Nero finding out what Gemma had done. The camera focused on his face and you saw his facial expressions as he took all the news in. Brilliant! Also, the scene when Jax told the club what Gemma did. "I am sorry that my given family has done all this to the family I have chosen."

Carla: Both of the ones mentioned were outstanding. Nero's reaction to finding out the truth was heartbreaking to watch and also seeing Gemma's face in that moment. I appreciated that it unfold without actually hearing Jax say it. And, the end when Nero comforted Jax and Jax said that he still loved his mother. It was crushing to see his pain.

Christine:  Jax and Nero at the end. Where Nero reminds him of the price to his soul if Jax chooses to kill Gemma and Jax admitting that she's still his mom. They reminded me of two heartbroken little boys in that moment. 

Kenny: I hate Juice, let's get that out of the way. With that said I loved every scene he was in this week. The scene with Lin was great, his scene with Jax had me on the edge of my seat, and the scene with Unser and Jarry was awesome. Juice is so ready to just be done. And I'm so happy he just told Jax everything. Honorable mention definitely goes to Jax and Nero at the end though. Jax just letting it all out was such a fantastic scene. Can't wait for the holiday to pass so we can get back to the show!

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