Stalker Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Crazy For You

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There are some crazy good plot twists on Stalker.

Sure, these plot twists are present to keep us tuning in every week, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Is anyone else happy we will have seen half the season before the show breaks for the holidays? I have a sneaking suspicion this is to accommodate the premiere of a mid-season show in late March or early April. If it means less encores then I'll take it.

On Stalker Season 1 Episode 9 a psychiatrist is being stalked by one of his patients, but which one?

That was the main question throughout the hour as Janice lead the investigation. I was very quick to peg Claudia as the stalker, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it would defy the laws of procedural shows by letting us know the stalker too early.

Claudia was a very disturbed woman. She was stuck in crazy town. The woman didn't have much going for her, so she sought the attention of her psychiatrist. Heck, the poor woman had made a group of friends out of mannequins. 

Adam was really irritating. The way he kept going on about how he wasn't speaking about his patients annoyed me. If he truly felt unsafe, he would have opened up without hesitation. 

The reveal that Adam's wife, Vanessa, was having an affair with the stalker was a shocking development. I expected Vanessa to die in the shower, but when Jason revealed himself to her; when they got it on I screamed at the TV! Congratulations Stalker, you even managed to pull the wool over my eyes!

I gave her a sedative, she was upset.


Vanessa was a bitch. She had no excuse to cheat on her husband. The way she tried to explain her infidelity to Janice made me hate her even more. There is no excuse. Don't even get me started on how she ran to her husband at the ambulance like butter wouldn't melt. Like I said, bitch.

Speaking of Janice: she was excellent in control of the case. Anyone else would have been quick to agree it was all Claudia, but Janice kept questioning Claudia until she found out what caused her to be half dead in a car. I have a lot of respect for Janice after her bumper role this week. 

If anything ever did happen to Beth, Janice would serve as a worthy replacement to her. I don't know how Jack would react to a more controlling Janice, or even Ben, for that matter.

Meanwhile, Beth tried to get to the root of the mysterious happenings in her life. After a meeting with Tracy, in which they finally had a conversation about why Tracy had Beth's alarm code in her phone in her contacts (I still haven't gotten over that!), Tracy acted like she hadn't had a stalker before. 

Tracy seemed to get pissed off with Beth's continued questions, especially when she brought her new knight in shining armor into the conversation, questioning whether he had access to her phone. Tracy will be stricken with guilt when she finds out Brody is actually Perry. It will probably destroy her. 

Does anyone see a potential Jack and Beth friendship on the cards? He seems very interested in the welfare of his boss. They didn't get off to the best start, but their friendship seems to be improving a lot. 

Beth: I just had a really hard day Jack, that's all.
Jack: I'm not a psychiatrist, but if you need someone to talk to.

Which brings me to discuss the final few moments of the episode. Beth knows the truth! In yet another twist, she walked past the bar and caught a glimpse of Tracy and Perry kissing. I don't know whether it was more shock or hatred on her face as she witnessed the horror. To top it off, she broke into Perry's apartment and found the shrine he made. I don't think Beth is scared, but I think she will have revenge on her mind. 

"Crazy For You" was another fantastic outing for the show. Next Wednesday cannot come quick enough. I need to know what happens next!

Other bits from the episode:

  • Did anyone else cringe when Ben told Jack he would take control of the questioning? 
  • Those mannequins in Claudia's house were freakin' scary.
  • Janice pretending to be a patient in order to catch Jason was amazing!
  • The website Shrink Rank sounded so fake. Or, um... You don't use it, right?

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What did you think of the episode? What is Beth's next move? Did you like Janice's more badass role? Sound off below!

Crazy For You Review

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