The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 10 Review: The Champagne Reflection

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No more "Fun with Flags"? Could we be so lucky?!?

As someone who hasn't been a fan of the "Fun with Flags" episodes, I was excited to hear Sheldon was doing the last one on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 10. Since it was the "Final Episode Flagtacular," it was one of the best. We saw the funniest of the funniest bits from the 233 (well, 232 technically) episodes.

Sheldon and Amy's beach scene was funny, but nothing was as precious as Sheldon as Betsy Ross. He did her voice! And, said "poppycock." The runner-up moment was Amy in the kangaroo costume and the use of Australian accents. The "Final Episode Flagtacular" was a big hoax though. One positive comment and Sheldon reversed his decision to give up the show. 

Amy: Say, Betsy Ross, what you working on?
Sheldon as Betsy Ross: I have no idea. Because the story of me sewing the first American flag is unsupported poppycock.
Amy: Then who did sew it, hmm?
Sheldon as Betsy Ross: Don't ask me. I'm just a simple seamstress whose descendants are...out to make a quick buck!

We can only hope that we, The Big Bang Theory viewers, have seen the last of "Fun with Flags." The clincher for me was the inclusion of two inappropriate jokes about George Washington Carver and a swastika. Since the writers went there that to me means the idea should be forever dead.

While Sheldon played with his flags, Leonard, Raj and Howard reflected on the life of a recently deceased professor. This was sad to watch especially since I haven't been to space or anything nearly as memorable. My television reviews certainly won't be something to be read throughout the decades. 

It was depressing to think about that bottle of champagne that sat there as a reminder of the professor's failure to live up to his mother's hopes and dreams for him. The guys desperately wanted to find something important among his papers to give the professor's life meaning. There were a few funny moments, but overall, it was depressing.

If nothing else, they should have at least played us a happy song! Or, showed us the dirty pen....

Raj: When stuff like this gets me down, you know what I like to do?
Howard: Sing "Hakuna Matata" like an eight-year-old girl?
Raj: Wrong, smarty-pants. It's "Everything Is Awesome" from The Lego Movie.

Bernadette's realization that she was a mean person, despite her belief she was nice, wasn't very fun either. She can be downright awful sometimes. In the end, she tried to get rid of the fear surrounding her by using tears to keep the privileges of that fear. She's a smart cookie, whether she makes them in a tree or not.

The saggy diaper exchange with Penny ended up being funny, even if it was mean-spirited. At least, Bernadette helped her friend with her fashion choice, though not very diplomatically.

Bernadette: I mean, maybe I come off a little strong, but that's only because my dad raised me to be tough and not to take
crap from anybody.
Penny: No. That's fine, but there's a difference between being tough and telling your friend her new pants look like a saggy diaper.
Bernadette: I did say that, didn't I?
Penny: Yeah, you did. I felt so self-conscious, I had to return them.
Bernadette: Where? To Babies R Us?

Overall, it wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it did have a few funny moments. When the story is split into three storylines, the flow doesn't work as well and that takes away from the overall continuity and humor. What was your favorite of the three? Were you hoping "Flags with Friends" would be retired? Or, do you want to see more? 

Check out more of the funniest bits in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section and watch The Big Bang Theory online.

The Champagne Reflection Review

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

You know, I thought cleaning out a dead professor's office was gonna just be boring, but then I found his dentures and realized it's also gross.


Sheldon: Now, I'm sure you're thinking, "The final episode? Who will stand between us and flag ignorance""
Amy: I know I was thinking that. Is this a show on flags or mind reading?
Sheldon: But the truth is I can no longer balance a full-time career, a popular Internet show, and a girlfriend.
Amy: And he really does have one, you jerks on the comment board. So as they say, all good things must come to an end.