The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Rest in Peace, Bonnie?

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Ivy is a vampire, but Stefan doesn't care. Damon was able to come back, but Bonnie wasn't. Tyler's werewolf curse was almost triggered, but Liv stepped in.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 was a night meant to be for fun and mayhem in a corn maze, yet it quickly turned upside down. Join TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines - along with Love You to Death authors Heather Vee and Crissy Calhoun - to break down the latest on TVD!

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What was your favorite scene or quotes from "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here?"

Miranda: It was Stefan with the bourbon in the crypt! All Clue references aside, I loved Stefan talking to his brother only to be the first to learn that Damon is back. THE relationship I care about most on TVD is Damon and Stefan's. I was just sad there wasn't a "hello, brother."

Heather: That scene was a killer, without question. It would be my choice, too, and Liv killing the dying accident victim so Tyler wouldn't trigger the curse was quietly powerful. But I'm going to go with Bonnie killing Kai with a pick-axe in the chest out in the woods. How unexpected was that?! And the look on Damon's face and his awkward shoulder pat? Priceless. 

Crissy: Loved all those moments. Stefan's face, though, seeing his brother, realizing he actually is back? My heart broke and was stitched back together.

Leigh: Mine would be Alaric relocating his balls and giving Stefan a hefty dose of reality. Somebody needs to slap some sense into that boy. He lost interest in his new vampire girlfriend and just dumped her on Caroline. C'mon dude.

Is Bonnie finally, actually, like, for real gone?

Miranda: Not a chance. We couldn't get rid of her if we tried. Not that I want to necessarily, but I'm just saying. She's not going anywhere as long as they need someone to trot out for a plot device.

Heather: No, I think 1994 is still a protective bubble for those trapped there, no matter if Bonnie helped Damon escape. It'll be interesting to see what this incident does to Kai's personality and how Bonnie fights back.

Crissy: Ya, Bonnie is still kicking. She'll find her way back. She always does. Until then, Zima! 

Leigh: I highly doubt it, but it looked like she was dying back there in '94. I'm guessing we will spend the next few episode trying to get her back, or maybe she and Kai will appear just in time for sweeps.

Is Stefan going to have an attitude change now that Damon is back?

Miranda: Yes, probably, but I think part of him has wanted to leave Mystic Falls and start over for a long time, probably since his breakup with Elena because his girl fell in love with his brother, so we might still see him struggle with whether or not to stick around.

Heather: Man, that look of utter astonishment on Stefan's face. Well done, Paul Wesley. I think this will have a profound effect on Stefan, and I wonder if Stefan will be the one to plead Damon's case to Elena? And I also can't help but wonder if Damon will nudge Stefan and Caroline together. All I know is that last night's final scene may have been the best Salvatore brother moment ever on this show.

Crissy: Agreed, agreed, agreed. Best brother moment. And Stefan has all the reason in the world to stop trying to run away. 

Leigh: Truly great brother moment. I think he's definitely going to stay now. He's said it himself, the one person he can never escape from is Damon and Damon is not letting him run back to Savannah.

Why was Jo able to resist Alaric's compulsion?

Miranda: Ooooh! I don't know! But I want to know! Maybe the simple answer is she really loves the smell of vervaine and wears it all the time just because and she doesn't even have a clue why it matters. But it's probably not that simple.

Heather: No idea! My guess is she has her own agenda and is not who/what she seems. This is The Vampire Diaries, after all.

Crissy: Tres mysterious, that Jo. And very astute -- Alaric is the most attractive, isn't he? despite his alcoholism. 

Leigh: Maybe Ric has finally met his match! Either way I'm glad he couldn't compel his way out of that one. He needs to stop hiding.

Liv killed someone for Tyler after blowing him off all season. What's up with that?

Miranda: What's up with that is that I suddenly really love Liv a whole lot. While I was all "Holy Sh*t SHE KILLED SOMEONE" part of me was like "Holy sh*t...she killed someone for Tyler." We've never really gone down the road of a human killing another human and handling that grief, so I like it.

Heather: I loved that moment beyond all reason, and I love what it does for Tyler's storyline and that Liv is so complicated and, ultimately, quite compassionate. And when Tyler went to her and basically said, "It's not your fault, that guy was dead already." He seemed thunderstruck that she had done that for him and I find myself excited to see how their story plays out throughout the season. (Don't kill Liv, writers!)

Crissy: I adore Liv, and it was the right thing to do in that moment, and she was a total hero. It was beautiful.

Leigh: Definitely a powerful moment. It meant Liv had to stop pretending she didn't have any feelings for Tyler, for starters. This will bond them in an intense way. Also agree with Heather that I loved how compassionate Tyler was when he came to her at the end.

Predict Elena's love life now that Damon's back...

Miranda: She's going to be updating her Facebook status to "It's Complicated" before the week is out.

Heather: When hasn't Elena's love life been complicated? 

Crissy: Dump New Guy. Rediscover affection for Stefan's Serial Killer Brother. Not necessarily in that order.

Leigh: Seriously, when are we bringing Nicholas Sparks in? This is like The Vow or The Notebook. Re-winning Elena's affections. Should be interesting!

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