Bones Season 10 Episode 9 Review: The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator

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Psychological experiments gone wrong, a new love interest for Wendell, and a cute, orange cat. What's not to love about Bones Season 10 Episode 9?

Aubrey's character continues to develop, and he's becoming more and more likeable. His interactions with Booth are funny and endearing, and he gets along well with everyone at the Jeffersonian. In "The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator," he shows some strong skills when it comes to interrogation, too.

We are the police. FBI actually. So, we're sort of like the super-police.


Because Booth is otherwise engaged in a traffic school exam (meaning he's behind his desk for the majority of the episode) he sends Aubrey to work with Brennan on the current murder investigation. Now, let me play devil's advocate a bit here. First of all, I think Aubrey is a fantastic addition to the cast of Bones. I love him more and more every episode. His interactions with Brennan are wonderful to watch. The two of them even develop what they call a "shorthand" for discussing the case, which Booth doesn't quite understand.

But, I'm finally going to say what many Bones fans have been complaining about for a while – there isn't enough screen time between Booth and Brennan. Generally, I haven't seen this as a major problem. The show is introducing a new character and there are several story lines to keep up with. For a show to last as long as Bones has, it has to go through some change. Separating Booth and Brennan a bit makes sense and, in a lot of ways, it's probably more realistic than Booth and Brennan always working together on every case.

It isn't the romance between Booth and Brennan I'm concerned with, either. That has never been the real focus of this show. Instead, what's missing is their partnership in the field and the way they work together to interrogate suspects. In fact, sometimes I think it is those scenes I'd rather see than their moments at home together.

And what's with Booth suddenly referring to Brennan as "difficult," and saying things like "now you have to deal with her"? Granted, I can sort of see this as a way to refer to differences Booth and Brennan had early on in the series but, by now, it seems odd Booth would say such things to Aubrey. It simply doesn't ring true.

All of that aside, "The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator" offers a lot of great moments. And who doesn't love episodes with Wendell?

Showing a love interest for Wendell is brilliant, and I'm excited to see where that story goes. Wendell is always adorable, but watching him shyly flirt and get a bit flustered by a woman shows another dimension of his character. That happens even more so as he shows a fear of commitment. Andie is going to be good for him, so I hope we'll see more of their relationship soon.

Thank goodness that Wendell is remission! Perhaps the best part about this episode is everything ends on a happy note. Well, except for the whole murder investigation part.

All we're missing now is a romantic 80s power ballad.


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The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator Review

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Hodgins: It's like looking for a prize at the bottom of a cereal box.
Brennan: Apparently, you and I eat different kinds of cereal.

Enough with the squint talk. If I wanted to talk squint, I would go to, you know, squint land.