Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Stakeout

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Whew, that was close!

One of the best bromances on TV nearly came to an end on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 11 when Jake and Charles agreed to go on an eight day stakeout.  

Okay, maybe it wasn't really that close. We all knew they couldn't stay mad at each other for too long. These two are made for each other, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun to see them nearly come to blows in that hotel room! 

I cringed at Jake's suggestion to start a "no-no" list as a preemptive strike to keep them from fighting. It reminded me too much of Ross's pros and cons list (well, mostly the cons) that he made for Rachel and Julie on Friends. Pointing out your best buddy's faults should be number one on the no-no list! 

Alas, as every viewer knew it would, the no-no list grew longer and longer (not to mention super specific) as every little thing started to annoy them. They even decided to add talking to each of their lists, which obviously did not last long. The inevitable fight that temporarily cost them their friendship also ended up blowing the whole mission, adding insult to injury. 

Boyle made a good point though; the items on those lists are what makes them who they are and under normal circumstances make up what they actually love about each other. Personally I could do without watching my best friend eat syrup on butter. That was just disgusting. 

I know Jake and Charles said they could handle the whole stakeout without relief, but considering no one believed them and expected this to happen, I'm a little surprised Captain Holt even allowed it. For such an important mission, I would think stakeout relief would be mandatory. I'm sure he would have jumped at the chance to stick Rosa in that room for a few days until his nephew's visit ended.

How awkward did you feel for Rosa when Holt handed her that paper bag? Putting the two most stoic characters in the most uncomfortable scene was pretty great to watch though. Could you imagine those two on a stakeout? I wonder if Rosa could last more than four hours with Captain Holt. 

If four hours is the longest she's ever spent with any human, and it was Amy, I'm seriously impressed. I would have liked to see some of that car ride. 

Rosa and Holt weren't the only ones to share an awkward moment. If you're going to corner someone and make a big speech, you have to have your quick exit strategy planned. Gina said it best: 

If you hadn't stopped the elevator you could have walked off after your great speech. Now we all gotta sit in it.


Some final thoughts:

  • Captain Holt spent all night coming up with the perfect zinger. It was hilarious but he probably should have stuck with Jake's advice.
  • Would you invest in Jake's port-a-potty company, "The Drop House?" I would love to see what Mark Cuban's thoughts would be. 
  • What did you think of Nick Cannon's guest appearance as Holt's nephew? Will we see him again? Do you want to?

No new episode next week but use the time to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online and catch up if you're behind. 

Stakeout Review

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