Chicago Fire Round Table: Will Severide Ever Learn?

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Earlier thsi week, Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 served as the show's fall finale, leaving viewers worried about the fate of several members of the Firehouse 51 family.

The lives of Chief Boden's new son, Mills and Brett all seemed to hang in the balance, while Dawsey seemed headed towards a permanent break. Pull up a chair as we talk it all out during this week's roundtable.

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Maggie Fremont, Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam and Bridget Liszewski - along with TV Fanatic super fan Sarah Silva t- o break it all down... and then add your thoughts in the comments section!

Chicago Fire RT - depreciated -

Things aren’t looking good on the Dawsey front. Whose side are you on?

Stacy: I'm not sure I'm really on either side. Dawson lost Shay and she needs a friend she can confide in about her relationship with Casey, but I also understand why Casey was upset about what he overheard. They both have valid arguments and I think this is something they need to discuss and work out together.

Maggie: I'm Team Casey on this one. I think Casey was exactly right when he said Dawson doesn't respect him as a Lieutenant or as her fiance. She needs to learn her place as a candidate in the firehouse and follow the chain of command. Casey definitely blew the Mills thing out of proportion, Dawson is allowed to have friends - but she really has not been taking her candidacy seriously.

Mary Kate: I'm going to have to side with Dawson. It obviously was not the best thing to say that home was a tough place, but Dawson was upset and just wanted to talk to someone about Casey and I guess Mills was the choice. Plus, Casey shouldn't have pretended things were fine after he felt guilty for sleeping at the girl's apartment.

Bridget: As much as I'd like to not take one side over the other, I keep leaning towards Dawson. Sure she messed up on the job a few times, and didn't take Casey's position of authority as serious as she should have, but she's fallen in line as of late and done well with it in my opinion. Casey keeps shutting down and refusing to talk, and they're never going to solve anything if they can't talk about the issues.

Sarah: Initially I was on Casey's side. However I was mad at Casey after his drunken night out with Severide and lying to Dawson about losing his phone. I felt bad for Dawson at the end of the episode.

Were you at all disappointed that Severide didn’t learn from his recent mistakes and talk some sense into Casey instead of taking him out partying?

Stacy: No, but that could be partly because I am loving the Severide/Casey bromance and really enjoyed watching them hang out at the bar. In Severide's defense, he did try to say no and he tried to get Casey to talk at the bar, but I think ultimately he felt this was what Casey needed right now. Plus I think Severide was looking out for him; he wouldn't have let Casey cheat on Dawson.

Maggie: I'm with Stacy - all bromance, all the time!

Mary Kate: Not really. But, Severide should've tried a little harder to get Casey out of the bar sooner than being blackout drunk. 

Bridget: While I too really enjoyed the Severide and Casey moments this week, I still was hoping Severide had learned something from his recent partying: that it doesn't solve anything. Thankfully he did make sure Casey didn't do anything too stupid with either of the women, and I was reminded how much I miss these two hanging out together. I hope we see more of it in the future.

Sarah: Yes I was very disappointed. I thought that Severide had changed and that his brief marriage to Brittany helped him see that drinking and not dealing with your issues was not the way to go. However, Severide seems to have forgotten all of that.

While we’re taking sides, where did you fall on the Baby Boden name debate? Should Chief have considered his wife’s needs a little more despite it going against tradition?

Stacy: The Chief had the right to voice his opinion, but his execution could use a little work. Instead of just dismissing her thought-out idea off the bat, he should have explained how important the tradition was to him in a way that shows that he also respects her opinion. 

Maggie: Though my love for Chief Boden knows no bounds, he was acting pretty boneheaded. He flew off the handle immediately and should have listened to Donna a bit more. I understand tradition but also, get over it! As long as you have a healthy baby, the rest shouldn't matter so much. 

Mary Kate: If it was as important as it was for Baby Boden to have a hyphened last name, Chief should've understood more, rather than casting it off as fast as he did. 

Bridget: I was a little disappointed that Donna gave in so easily at the end. Otis was right, both Boden AND Donna are raising this baby and if that was important to her then he should've been a bit more open minded. That being said, there is something for tradition and I know I don't want any ham and pear gravy any time soon!

Sarah: Yes I do think that Boden should have considered Donna's feeling and talked about it with her rather than just telling her that Terrence having two last names was not going to happen. I was a little disappointed that Donna gave in so fast. What about Terrence having Donna's last name as a middle name? If Boden is all about tradition then why is Boden fine with Donna keeping her maiden name when they got married?

What about poor Mills and Brett? How worried are you about them and were you surprised it took so long for the others to realize they were missing?

Stacy: This is the storyline I was most interested in and I was really frustrated how long it took for Casey and the group to go look for them! I'm really curious to find out where they are exactly and I'm assuming there will be involvement from the PD detectives to help find them.

Maggie: Mills! I miss him already. His heart is just so gosh darn big, it gets him into trouble. I'm extremely worried about him and Brett but also extremely excited to see how this plays out. More Halstead, please! 

Mary Kate: Yes. I had a feeling the second Brett did not open that present, that nothing good was going to come from the call. I feel bad for Brett, who got into the middle of Mills' issue. I hope that their disappearance could lead to a semi-Chicago crossover with the Chicago P.D. crew.

Bridget: I maybe don't realize how long the paramedics are usually gone when they take a call but it was driving me crazy that no one was looking for Mills and Brett! They kept mentioning them and then not doing anything to actually see where they were. I too am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out, and hopefully Mills and Brett both come out unharmed because I'm really starting to like their partnership.

Sarah: I am worried but I think the Chicago P.D. team will find them and they will be alive. I was shocked that it took the whole day before Casey made a call to see where the ambulance was and for him to gather his team to go look for them.

Are you happy with the way things ended for the Molly’s II food truck venture? And even though they no longer have the truck, who else wants to try those Santa Bites?

Stacy: That was a lot of build up for the truck to be done without ever getting to really execute it. It was kind of a complete waste of that entire storyline. As for the Santa Bites, sure I'd try one.

Maggie: The entire scene at the Festival was hilarious and of course Firehouse 51 would donate a food truck to save a soup kitchen because they're the best! But, yes, I was a little let down that this was the end of the line for Molly's II. I think it could have been a fun idea to follow and I liked that it tied Cruz and Brett together. RIP, Molly's II! 

Mary Kate: I'm still new to the show, so I don't know how much effort has been put into Molly's II. It was a nice gesture to give the truck to the food pantry after it's unfortunate crash. Those Santa Bites did look tasty.

Bridget: I was disappointed that after they finally got the truck up and running it all came to an end so quickly. Like Stacy said, there was so much build up and not a lot of payoff. That being said, I do like that they donated it, and I'm definitely up for trying those Santa Bites out for my next party!

Sarah: I do like that they donated the food truck to the church, it was a very good deed. However there was a good amount of time spent on the Molly's II storyline that it felt it ended rather quickly. The Santa Bites did sound pretty yummy.

What are your hopes for the second half of the season? What would you most like to see happen?

Stacy: I want a resolution to the Dawson/Casey stuff so we can get a break from them fighting. I do not want to see them go down the love triangle road with Mills. As I said before I'm most interested in seeing what happened to Mills and Brett and I'm hoping for more crossovers with CPD.

Maggie: I know I'm not alone in saying I'd like to see the Dawsey situation resolved. I'm a big fan of them as a couple, but they are miserable and it's tough to watch. Fix it or end it, guys. I'd also love for Mills to have a little romance in his life. That guy needs some love! 

Mary Kate: I liked Brett and Dawson's heart-to-heart, so I hope they can have a closer relationship. I also like the brief crossovers from the Chicago P.D. cast so I'll take Halstead, Lindsay, or anyone from PD on Chicago Fire anytime.

Bridget: I'm interested in seeing where Severide goes from here. He's finally somewhat at peace with what happened to Shay and I'm excited to see what's in store next for him. I too want a resolution to the Dawsey drama and I hope they don't drag it out too much. Mills and Brett being kidnapped scares me and I'm looking forward to how that plays out and hoping that they come out unharmed. Brett had a great "girl talk" moment with Dawson this week and I'd like to see their friendship continue to grow.

Sarah: I hope that Terrence is okay. I also hope that Mills and Brett are fine. I think that Dawson and Casey are going to take time apart and may or may not get back together by the end of the season.

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Casey: Maybe this whole thing is too big for us. I’m trying to be a Lieutenant and your fiance and you can’t respect either one.
Dawson: Request permission to leave shift, Lieutenant.
Casey: Granted candidate.

Boden: You ever been invited to a friend’s place for Thanksgiving, sat down for a big, beautiful once a year meal, got excited about a perfectly cooked turkey, and then they served up a ham.
Connie: A ham?
Boden: Instead of the turkey.
Connie: No I got that part, but …
Boden: See? Tradition is important, is it not?
Connie: I suppose it is.
Boden: Thank you Connie. Woman that understands. I mean, who knows if the pilgrims ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving? Maybe they had nothing but hams, lined up for miles, But me, turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving food. And Gravy. Brown. Makde from the difference of a turkey, not some fancy foo-foo stuff made from pears, and sun dried tomatoes.
Connie: I do like a good gravy.
Boden: You better stand up for tradition Connie, or what else do we have?
Connie: Ham and pear gravy.
Boden: Thank you Connie.