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When Mills arrives at work Lullo is waiting on him to apologize for his actions.

Mills sees Casey on the way in and tells him that he's not trying to insert himself into his and Dawson's relationship. Dawson tries to also apologize to Casey but he doesn't want to hear it.

The house is called to a fire on the 3rd floor of a townhome. Severide must enter the burning building to find a woman trapped inside and pulls her to safety.

The Chaplain is back and looking for donations to save a soup kitchen he helps run. He also checks in with Dawson and he tells her he's proud of her.

The guys watch a news report with the husband from the house fire. He's claiming to be a hero and the one that saved his wife. The guys laugh about what a joke and lie it all is. Severide says they should let him say what he wants.

Donna stops by the station and is ready to deliver any minute. She wants to give the baby two last names, hers and Boden's, but Boden is against it. Donna's upset he won't reconsider.

The boys inform Herrmann that Molly's II has been approved for business and will soon be opening.

Boden questions if Mills really believes Lullo's apology and he says that he does.

Dawson tries to talk to Casey again and it blows up into an argument. Casey accuses Dawson of crawling back to Mills before they are interrupted by Herrmann.

Cruz and Brett have been working on a recipe for Molly's II: Santa Bites. Otis, Herrmann and the gang taste them and they are a success.

The husband from the house fire shows up at the station to apologize to Severide for the news interview. He reveals that he was badly burned as a teenager and that was the reason for his panic earlier that morning.

Brett and Dawson discuss "simpler" times and Brett reassures Dawson that everything will be just fine with her and Casey.

Casey wants to go out for drinks with Severide and he obliges. They end up doing shots and drinking with two women. Casey wakes up in the apartment, on the couch, of one of the women.

The gang gathers at a holiday festival where Molly's II is debuting. Just as Herrmann is giving an interview to the local news about Molly's II, the truck's brake is accidentally set to off, and the truck gets loose and runs over the manger scene.

Casey doesn't remember and asks Severide to fill in the details about their night out. He tells him that he passed out on the couch while he hooked up with Chloe.

Herrmann is upset at the bad press Molly's II is getting and fires Cruz, Otis and Mouch.

Mills and Brett respond to a homeless man whose legs were run over by a truck.

Severide and some of the team head over to the building that was on fire earlier to inspect it as the city wants to condemn it. Severide realizes that the fire was intentionally set by the husband.

The guys from Molly's II decide that the best use of their food truck would be to donate it to the Chaplain for his soup kitchen.

Chloe shows up at the station with Matt's cell phone and returns it to Dawson. She confronts Casey and he tries to explain but it turns into another argument about the other night with Mills. Casey thinks the main problem is a lack of respect.

Donna goes into labor at the station. They put her on the fire truck and start rushing her to the hospital but are caught in a huge traffic jam. Boden delivers his son in the back of the truck. When they get to the hospital the baby is having trouble breathing and the doctors take him away to work on him.

The rest of the squad goes in search of Mills and Brett as they've not returned from a call earlier this morning. They find the ambulance, abandoned in an alley with no sign of Brett or Mills.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Casey: Maybe this whole thing is too big for us. I’m trying to be a Lieutenant and your fiance and you can’t respect either one.
Dawson: Request permission to leave shift, Lieutenant.
Casey: Granted candidate.

Boden: You ever been invited to a friend’s place for Thanksgiving, sat down for a big, beautiful once a year meal, got excited about a perfectly cooked turkey, and then they served up a ham.
Connie: A ham?
Boden: Instead of the turkey.
Connie: No I got that part, but …
Boden: See? Tradition is important, is it not?
Connie: I suppose it is.
Boden: Thank you Connie. Woman that understands. I mean, who knows if the pilgrims ate turkey at the first Thanksgiving? Maybe they had nothing but hams, lined up for miles, But me, turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving food. And Gravy. Brown. Makde from the difference of a turkey, not some fancy foo-foo stuff made from pears, and sun dried tomatoes.
Connie: I do like a good gravy.
Boden: You better stand up for tradition Connie, or what else do we have?
Connie: Ham and pear gravy.
Boden: Thank you Connie.