Once Upon a Time Round Table: The Snow Queen's Happy Ending

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The Snow Queen finally found her happy ending on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11... sort of.

Below, TV Fanatics Mary Kate Venedam, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry and Amanda Steinmetz are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss who they would have liked to have seen under the spell, the conclusion to the Snow Queen's story and their favorite scenes from "Shattered Sight."

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Out of the characters who were immune to the spell, who do you wish hadn't been?

Mary Kate: Probably Hook, but that could've caused more issues if he reverted to his villain self. It would've been interesting to see Emma or Elsa under the curse, but their job was to break it, so they couldn't really be distracted. I thought that Henry was immune to the curse, so I was surprised when he was under the spell, but his comments to Hook were entertaining.

Allison: I was okay with Hook not being under the spell, but it would have been so much better if Emma would have seen him and either noticed that he was untouched by the curse, or if Hook pretended to be under the spell. It could have been great. I would have loved to see Belle under the spell. Even if it was just her saying things to Rumple, it could have been interesting.

Gareth: It would have been cool to see Elsa's dark side come out to play. I was also hoping that Emma would bump into Hook while under the spell. 

Robin: While I understand why she obviously couldn't be, I would have loved to see Emma's dark side. She's got a lot of pent-up rage and emotions, and it would have been interesting to see how she used her magic in that frame of mind.

Amanda: Definitely going with Hook. It would have been fun to see the dark side of him come out. I also wish we'd gotten some interaction between Hook and Emma in the episode, cursed or not cursed. 

Were you happy with the conclusion of the Snow Queen's story?

Mary Kate: I'm still not sure. It felt too fast and easy, for her to just accept what she did was wrong and die. I think they could've spent more time on the realization of what she did. It just happened all so fast, one minute she was trying to lure Emma and Elsa with her, the next she sacrificed herself. 

Allison: I'm with Mary Kate. It all happened too fast, and it was hard to process it all. The flashback scenes between her and Emma helped show that Ingrid isn't all bad, but she still goes from cursing a town to sacrificing herself. If she would have called off the curse without dying, her turnaround would have been okay. It's the fact that she dies for all these people that is a little intense.

Gareth: I really liked it. It was a fitting ending for the character. The flashbacks with young Emma helped to cement that the Snow Queen really did care for her in her own twisted way. I agree with Mary though, the total turnaround did occur pretty fast. One minute she was all demented, the next she was Savior Snow Queen! It would have been nice to see that gradual change over the course of a couple of episodes. 

Robin: I agree with everyone - while I like how it concluded, I felt it was rushed. I wish we had more time to see Ingrid deal with the realization that she had done something horrible and handle the fallout.  That being said, as Gareth mentioned, the score during her demise and during the scene with young Ingrid and her sisters - stunning and moving.

Amanda: While I liked the way her story concluded, it did feel somewhat rushed. To be honest, I started to lose interest in her character these last couple of episodes. Trust me I love Elizabeth Mitchell, but there's something about this storyline that didn't hold my attention. 

What one character would you like to see get more screen time on the show?

Mary Kate: There has been a lack of Snowing this season, but I think Henry should get more screen time. He is part of reason all of this started, and I understand that he is a kid, but I feel like he should have more involvement with the goings on in Storybrooke, he knows the book better than most people in the book do.

Allison: I miss Red. Is she ever coming back? She was so fun to watch, and Emma doesn't have that many girlfriends. She is the main person I want to reappear. I'm hoping for some good Henry and Regina scenes together as they work on Operation Mongoose.

Gareth:  I miss Red. She was such an underused character. I'd love to see her return to play a part in the upcoming Cruella storyline. Maybe Cruella likes the feel of werewolf pelts! 

Robin: I love whenever Granny says anything - she can outsnark Regina! I would love to see more of her.  I'd also love to see Belle get better screen time - her character is way too smart to be underutilized the way she is.

Amanda: I think it's a tie between Snow and Belle. Both are intelligent, strong women who haven't gotten much development so far this season.

Will you miss Elsa and Anna when they return to Arendelle? Did they fit in the world of Storybrooke?

Mary Kate: Yes. I really liked their place in Storybrooke. It makes sense that they must leave, but I would've loved to see their reactions to Storybrooke outside of the Snow Queen story. Have them hang out at Granny's, visit the docks, and see what else Gold has of theirs. I definitely wish we had more time with Anna and Kristoff in Storybrooke. 

Allison: I'll miss Elsa's friendship with Emma. Other than that, I'm okay with them leaving. We spent a lot of time developing these characters, and so I'll be happy to see more time focused on our core cast. They didn't so much fit as amusingly standout. I enjoyed watching Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff react to Storybrooke.

Gareth: I am ready to say goodbye to them but do hope we will see them again at some point. If I am completely honest, this has been the weakest season so far for me. I just think too many of the core characters that we really love have been marginalized to make room for Frozen. I certainly didn’t hate the characters or the story but it hasn’t particularly excited me either. 

Robin: I thought they were well integrated by the end of the story arc. I won't miss their centrality to the story, but I will miss them, and hope we get to see more of them.

Amanda: Yes and no. Yes, because I'll miss seeing Elsa bond with Emma, and Anna was a lot of fun to watch. No, because this "Frozen" storyline has taken the spotlight away from our central characters. I'm all for introducing new characters, but there needs to be a better balance going forward. This batch of episodes has been the least interesting to me since our focus has been pulled away from the main characters. 

What, if anything disappointed you about this episode?

Mary Kate: My biggest issue was how Ingrid's story ended. It defintitely was different compared to Zelena and Pan's demise, but, I guess, I was expecting a bigger ending than what we saw. 

Allison: Ingrid's conclusion disappointed me as well. Also, Charming and Mary Margaret did not have any ill will towards their son, Neal. I just wish this was explained more. The curse should have affected their feelings towards everyone, including their kids. We never really see them say anything to Emma, so it is unclear if they would have hated her or not.

Gareth: Nothing really disappointed me with this episode, I enjoyed it. Was a good climax to the Frozen arc and probably the best episode of Season Four so far. Now bring on Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent! 

Robin: Everything about Hook and Rumpel disappoints me. I can't believe that no one in Storybrooke got to notice the fact that Hook wasn't under the spell, and Rumpel's just straight up cartoon villain now. I miss the old Rumple, who was an effective villain, but at least had some semblance of internal conflict.

Amanda: Nothing really in particular. I guess the rushed exit of Ingrid. 

What was your favorite scene?

Mary Kate: Everything in the Sheriff's Station. Snow and Charming fighting, Snow vs. Regina battle, and even the Anna trying to be her positive self to all the negativity in the room. There were so many great moments in that station, even with sleeping Baby Neal. 

Alison: My favorite scene, hands down, is when everyone in the Sheriff's station comes out of the curse. They all just break out laughing! It's hilarious and such a great moment.

Gareth: Great stuff from Ginny and Lana. I loved the scene at the end where they all creased up laughing in the Sheriff’s office. The final scene with Ingrid was quite emotional as well, helped by the awesome score.

Robin: Watching Regina and Snow laugh with each other when the curse was broken. I don't think we've ever seen that before; it was so refreshing and so fun!

Amanda: Seems like we all enjoyed the scene in the Sheriff's office after the curse was broken. It's always nice to have a moment of levity. 

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