Supernatural Round Table: Son of a Witch

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The return of Cole. Hannah’s decision to leave Earth. And Crowley’s mother is in town?

A lot happened on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7, and TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester are ready to grab some Thanksgiving leftovers and discuss!

Sound off with your own thoughts in this latest Supernatural Round Table…

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Narsimha: Either the scene at the start with Sam making fun of Dean's Tinder (or "dating app") account, or the showdown between Cole and the brothers. I was dying when Sam broke down Dean's profile and tried to warn him that he was most likely talking to a hooker, or even a man. Contrasting that, the penultimate scene was tense, emotional and a fitting resolution to Cole's storyline (although I wish he was a bigger part of this season). That scene also had me crack up when Cole squirted water at Dean's face, haha.

Alice: There was only one scene that really captured my attention, and that was the showdown scene with Dean, Cole, and Sam in the background watching with all those adorable Sammy faces. Puppy needs a hug! Anyway, Dean’s speech is one of the best pieces of dialogue we’ve gotten on this show in a while.  Jensen nailed it perfectly. And I’m certain everything he said was true. He can’t fool Sammy or us. It also made me care about Cole. Damn you show. 

Sean: I have to agree with both of you. I really enjoyed the banter between Sam and Dean involving the dating app, some of the real fun brotherly stuff I’ve enjoyed getting to see. At the same time, the showdown between Cole and Dean (even if short) was intense and had some weight to it. Plus, Dean really did give a great speech as was Cole and Sam’s reactions.

What do you think of the addition of Rowena?

Narsimha: Wasn't all that interested - until the final reveal that is. Mama Crowley? This is about to be one weird family reunion.

Alice: I really like her. For one, I love the Scottish accent. She’s an interesting character, although she’s got this strange disregard for human life. I’m not sure what that whole recruiting hookers scheme is or where she came from, but I’m still interested.  As long as this show doesn’t make her cartoonish in her character development (I’m talking to you Metatron and Leviathan), she just might work out.

Sean: She felt really campy to me from the start, but after the reveal that she is Crowley’s mother… well, now I’m much more interested. Let’s just hope there’s some decent payoff with it all. 

Did you like the resolution with Cole? Will we see him again?

Narsimha: Like I mentioned, I thought the resolution was very strong. It was easily the strongest scene of the episode. But I like his character and hoped he would stick around from the start, when he first kidnapped Sam. Unfortunately, in the brutal world of Supernatural, he may as well soon receive a new "story" to drive him forward in the form of his family dying at the hands of some monsters - or something. As long as he has a family, I don't seem him coming around again.

Alice: Yes, because I’m totally convinced we’ll see him again. I think he’s going to go back home and do more digging on his Dad and come up with something that will require Sam and Dean’s help. Or he goes back home and finds something tragic happened to his family and now he is a hellbent skewering-monsters-and-demons-in-total-revenge-to-fill-that-hole-in-his-heart hunter for good. But yes, he’s a guy that hasn’t gone so dark yet that he’s forgotten what his priorities are. It’s refreshing to see, and knowing this show it so won’t stick. 

Sean: I liked the resolution as I also liked the scene of him facing off with Dean. It was a very strong moment between the two, and the monster Dean didn’t know was an interesting addition. But it felt so soon in its wrap up. I’d kind of like to see him again, but I’m not sure in what capacity. He was a great part of kicking of Supernatural Season 10, that’s for sure.

Were you surprised Hannah decided to leave her vessel?

Narsimha: A bit, but I also didn't like her character so I'm glad she's moved on. Does this mean Cass might also leave his now iconic "meat suit??" I hope not. I hope they give him a better storyline instead. I still don't understand why he's so intent on forcing angels back to Heaven. Like I've said before, wouldn't he be one to understand someone's desire to stay on Earth and lead a normal life? Maybe someone can explain this to me.

Alice: I guess. The storyline actually makes sense and it’s about time these crappy angels thought about their vessels for once. I’m just surprised that it happened so suddenly, out of the blue.  That was a pretty quick decision. Maybe Hannah left too because her feelings for Castiel were getting too strong. Either way, she’s done and for once an angel vessel got a happy ending. The question is, if she bumps into Castiel in Heaven, will she still look like her vessel? This whole possession/vessel thing really turns into a brain teaser sometimes, doesn’t it?

Sean: It felt so sudden for me. I guess it made sense overall, but I’ve been really disinterested in the Castiel/Hannah storyline so far. So I’m also kind of glad it happened too, so we can move on from that and hopefully the hunting down of rogue angels. That was so last season.

Will Sam and Dean attempt to deal with the Mark of Cain anytime soon?

Narsimha: Will the writers ever even attempt to tell us what the Mark of Cain is still doing to Dean? They're completely ignoring it. At this point it's no different than a tattoo on his forearm. 

Alice: I’m with Narshima, we really don’t have a good idea of what this whole Mark of Cain thing is doing to Dean. These writers aren’t doing a whole lot of “show, don’t tell.” However, that speech to Cole was at least one hint. He’s just waiting for the blast wave I think. As to whether they’ll attempt to deal with it, I say it comes up in the midseason finale. Then it stops being an issue again until the end of the season, just like Sam’s Lucifer hallucinations in season seven.  Dean will deal with it by grabbing that arm! The writers have this horrible habit of writing themselves into a corner with no graceful way out.     

Sean: I’m pretty sure Alice is right, we won’t get to really touch on it before the midseason finale. I just wish there was more discussion about trying to fix it or what its doing to him. It was such a big deal to get from Cain before, but it seems so dormant, that it’s almost nonexistent. I just want to see it brought up again, especially after the whole demon Dean scenario. Guess we’ll see where that one goes.

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