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We're not going to waste time: This is the round table for The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, the first part of the crossover event. What else do you need to know?

Join TV Fanatics Tanya Moat, Narsimha Chintaluri, Jim Garner, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica by planting your answers in the comments below...

The Flash RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite bit?

Tanya: There were so many great moments, but my favorite was the HUGE grin on Barry's face when he realized the Arrow was in town. I was wearing the exact same grin.

Narsimha: This episode was SO good! In broad strokes: f*ck Harrison Wells and his smug smile. I always get a bad vibe from the guy, and this episode really confirmed that uneasiness with how he went about revealing the Arrow's identity. And when Oliver was speaking about how secrecy is important, the shot of Wells was very telling. The Arrow is superior to The Flash for many reasons, and a lot of it has to do with the grittiness of the former show. The Flash is fittingly more comic-book like, but that does take away from the show sometimes, despite all that it adds to the experience. It was easily my favorite episode of The Flash, so far. It also seemed to cover a lot of group. Well done!

Jim: Call me a sadist, but I loved Oliver shooting Barry in the back. Had Barry been paying attention to the very lesson he was trying to teach him, he would have seen the crossbows.

Hank: The episode was packed with so many great moments this might seem like an odd choice, but Firestorm's appearance at the end! I thought the VFX were phenomenal and I'm really looking forward to Robbie Amell's episodes future episodes.

Carissa: The dialog was so witty. I love fast, snappy dialog and they all had it. Diggle's expressions as he realized Barry really was fast as hell were great, from his slack jaw to his story about his cousin. Overall it showcased how fantastic both series are cast and that cannot be disputed. Stop typing if you were going to try!

What will Eddie's task force mean for The Flash?

Tanya: I think it will create an interesting dilemma for both Barry and Joe since they work for the Police Department. It will also give Eddie a more robust storyline besides being Iris' love interest. And what should be fun to watch is the affect on the relationship between Barry and Eddie/Iris. They both like Barry but are not so fond of The Flash right now. I also must commend them for making it seem less like a contrivance, which it initially felt like when Eddie made his first pitch to the Captain. But after being attacked, Eddie has every right to consider The Flash a menace.

Narsimha: I don't think it'll mean much. But then again, I don't know if Eddie has a larger arc that others are already aware of. I would just assume he eventually finds out it's Barry, and has to live with it. Which he might, especially if Barry leaves Iris alone as per Oliver's advice. That scene was great as well, and showed some of Oliver's own insecurities seep into Barry's innocence. Unlike with training, or simply being a vigilante, Oliver's advice in the area of relationships isn't exactly gospel. Who's to say Barry can't get the girl? Superman did. But the Arrows more akin to Batman.

Jim: Nothing good. Of course it will just be a matter of time till he saves the city from a huge disaster and the cops consider him a friend. That's pretty much Superhero 101 right?

Hank: It means we're moving from Iris' blog as an irritating plot device to Eddie's task force being the nuisance. I do agree with Tanya that this turn of events gives Eddie more to do than just look pretty or be the boyfriend. I like the character though, so I hope this doesn't turn the audience against him. Besides, what Jim said is 100% correct. At some point Barry will save the city and the cops will consider him a friend.

Carissa: I don't know, exactly, but I was surprised Iris was so proud of Eddie. It didn't take long for The Flash to fall from favor.

What did you think of the different types of advice Oliver shared with Barry?

Tanya: Some was spot on and some was less so. His advice that Barry wasn't very aware of his surroundings and tended to rush in is very true. Barry is a such a new superhero and probably still feels pretty invincible, so it's not a surprise he isn't more cautious. I do disagree with his advice that guys like them don't get the girls, but I believe it was very much in line with how Oliver currently thinks.

Narsimha: As much as I like Barry as a whole, and even though I've had my problems with Oliver Queen as a character, this episode had me thoroughly on the Arrow's side. I loved the dynamic that Oliver's experience (and past actions) brought not only to his relationship with Barry, but with Joe and Wells. Oliver not as naive as Barry: "there is something off about that guy." I think you're right Oliver. From training Barry, (the hidden arrows were amazing), to the incredible showdown near the end of the episode (the fight wasn't a tie, the Arrow won), there were a whole bunch of things to love.

Jim: It was good advice. Oliver has been at this for awhile and Barry should be aware that his powers don't make him completely invulnerable.

Hank: Oliver's always been a "do as I say not as I do" kind of guy, so you take the good with the bad. I thought most of his advice was helpful. He's definitely the more experienced hero, and Barry understands that. I don't think he's going to take the relationship advice to heart though... Not Oliver's forte!

Carissa: They balance each other out. I knew everything Oliver shared would be listened to and accepted and expected Barry to return the favor in the follow up on Arrow. I was right!

Did you like the final reveal of Oliver's baby mama?

Tanya: I guess so. It was a surprise last year to learn that he possibly had a child. I'm not exactly sure where they are going with this, so I guess it's TBD based on how they introduce his child and the role he would play now.

Narsimha: Is that what it was? That's what it seemed like but I thought it was kind of random – although it makes sense to set up for the next part.

Jim: Who is she? As someone who hasn't been watching Arrow, I had NO IDEA who she was. I'm sure it was really cool for Arrow fans, but Flash fans were totally clueless.

Hank: I thought it was cool and I'm glad the storyline was revisited. It seemed random on Arrow when Moira paid the girl off and she relocated to Central City. Here it made sense that Ollie would bump into her while he was in town. I'm wondering when his son will be introduced on Arrow now.

Carissa: No. For a guy who can't even have a date, they're thinking about introducing his son already? No. NO. No. A thousand times no. Let's see that again in 2018.

Was there anything missing from the installment you wished had been in it?

Tanya: No, I was overall really pleased with the crossover. Not to be a huge nerd, but I was completely giddy when I heard they were doing a Flash/Arrow crossover, then I got a little worried. Sometimes events can't live up to the hype, but Part 1 did for me. I thought they handled the fight between Arrow and Flash extraordinarily well, both visually and emotionally, while staying true to Flash's overall lighter tone.

Narsimha: No, to be honest. From Diggle's reaction to the Flash or Oliver's reaction to Wells, to the actual Flash vs Arrow showdown or training prior to that, the writers touched on everything I could've hoped for.

Jim: Seeing Red Arrow would have been cool, but I guess they didn't want to call it "Flash vs ArrowS".. hehe.

Hank: Again I agree with Tanya, Part 1 definitely lived up to the hype. I've been waiting for this crossover event for so long now, I can't believe it's over. Keeping my fingers crossed for another big one next season and several mini-crossovers in the second half of Season 1. I don't care what anyone says, a shared universe is where it's at. That's why Marvel is totally killing DC at the moment.

Carissa: Nothing. It was a fantastic blend of the two teams, highlighting the best of both. It showed how well the two series function as partners and gives us much to dream about for the future.

The Flash has some amends to make after being exposed to Prism and having a huge anger outburst. Have you ever had your own outburst of anger, and how did you deal with it?

Tanya: Foot-In-Mouth disease I have definitely suffered from but I can't recall an incident where my anger got the best of me. I tend to get more mad at myself or inanimate objects, like my laptop! :) That being said, normally when I say something I regret, I feel awful, shuffle my feet a lot, mumble my sorry and hide. Real mature, I know.

Narsimha: Maybe with like my younger sister or something – siblings are pretty easy to fight with, even though you really do love them. Communication is always the key, but that doesn't seem to be helping the Flash reconcile with Iris. But why would he want to anyway? Wasn't the initial plan to get her away from the Flash? His outburst seems to finally be doing just that.

Jim: Me and straight Ginseng don't really get along. Last time I had straight Ginseng I felt like Barry with everyone and EVERYTHING bothering the living @#$@#$ out of me. It got to the point that I was throwing things. Once it was out of my system I swore off straight Ginseng, in fact I won't even get the Ginseng shot in my Jamba Juice.

Hank: It's an appropriate question, but I've never really had an outburst of anger. Not that I can recall anyway, maybe I've blocked it out. Ha!

Carissa: I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. Nobody wants that to happen.

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