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Guest star Morena Baccarrin returned as Erika Flynn on The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3 and she told the CIA that she needed Patrick Jane to help her catch a terrorist. 

The situation becomes awkward when Jane and Lisbon head to Beirut where they must work with Erika who has made a deal to help capture who new boyfriend who works with terrorist in exchange for immunity. Erika's quick to call Jane out on his romantic relationship with Lisbon and he doesn't bother to deny it. 

Later, Erika alludes to Lisbon that she and Jane shared a more intimate relationship in their past leading Lisbon to ask Jane about it. He admits that they kissed. Then Lisbon asks about Loralei and Patrick says he'll be happy to tell her everything if she'll answer a few questions for him about Walter Mashburn who happens to be Lisbon's ex-lover. Lisbon decides it's better to drop the entire subject.

Back in the states, Agent Vega lies to Cho in order to get on his team for a sting operation. Cho is furious when he finds out and tells Vega that he can't work with people that he can't trust. 

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: Just a trick.
Yon: I've tested others. You're the only one getting everything correct.
Jane: I didn't say it was an easy trick.

I arrested her, I don't know how I feel about helping her avoid prison.