The Walking Dead Spinoff: Kim Dickens Lands Female Lead

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The Walking Dead delivered some holiday cheer when the female lead for the west coast spinoff was announced.

Kim Dickens (Treme, Deadwood) has been tapped to appear opposite previously announced male lead, Cliff Curtis.

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Dickens has a habit of appearing in critically acclaimed series and we're delighted she'll be taking on a major role in the most anticipated spinoff in recent years.

While Curtis will be playing a divorced former teacher, Dickens will be his companion on the road and in life. The unnamed former guidance counselor and mother of two may look like the girl next door, but she has a darkness inside her and a troubling past that will come back to haunt her.

Considering the nature of The Walking Dead (incidentally, the spinoff's code name is "Cobalt"), it's unlikely her past will come by the way of another individual, so let's expect her darkness to rise up and take a bite out of her.

Are you getting more intrigued as the casting shapes up? Hit the comments and remember, you can watch The Walking Dead online to catch up on the original!

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