Elementary Season 3 Episode 12 Review: The One That Got Away

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The hunt for man who tortured Kitty came to a satisfying conclusion on Elementary Season 3 Episode 12 and seemed to signal the end of Kitty's time on the show as well.

Once upon a time, I would have welcomed that news, but now, I'm going to miss her. She, along with Joan, really helped us see a side of Sherlock he doesn't show often - his human side. The side that actually cared about people. 

We also saw how two prickly people truly saved one another by giving each other purpose when they were both lost.

We went into tonight's show knowing that Joan's new boss was Kitty's torturer. Joan understandably didn't believe her right away, although Sherlock did. He mused that hiring Joan meant multiple interviews and a background checks, which was a great way to gain intelligence.

Sherlock: What might you think when she has taken up with a renowned detective?
Joan: Oh, so this is all about you.
Sherlock: Us.

It was a brilliant  idea, but I am still not clear on why he chose now to engage with Sherlock. I understand that he set-up Simon de Merville as a red herring and likely hoped everyone would believe that Kitty's kidnapper was dead, but why even engage Sherlock?

He put Sherlock Holmes, the world's greatest detective, on notice. You don't do that lightly. Del wasn't even on Sherlock's radar until he killed Melanie Vilkas. He may have been rightly concerned about Kitty's partnership with Sherlock and Joan, but it felt like he played his hand early, before truly gaining enough information on them.

Tampering with Joan's phone so he could listen to private conversations was smart. But why create a red herring when there wasn't a need to yet? They didn't know he was in New York, nor had they proved he was a serial rapist/killer, so why come out from the under the radar, especially when they weren't onto him? 

This bothered me, but it is honestly a minor quibble because tonight's show was overall excellent. Seeing how Sherlock and Kitty ultimately helped each other heal was great to finally see.

He saw beneath her sullen demeanor that same spark he saw in Joan. He gave her a way to channel her pain into something productive and be heard.

Firstly, I've got an offer that I'd like you to consider.


While there have been times, I didn't quite understand what Sherlock saw in Kitty or why he would tolerant her sullenness, but he was spiraling downward in London. He was hurting and alone. Without meeting her, would he have thrown his heroin into the fire or eventually taken it? 

It was Kitty, not Joan, who saved him that day. It was his turn to do the same.

You, ummmmm...., saved me. I'd like to return the favor.


We saw how strong their relationship was tonight when Sherlock wasn't there to stop Kitty from killing Del. If that is what she needed to be whole again, then he understood. He had wanted to save her from having to make that choice and found another way to give justice for her and all the other women. But it was her choice.

Whatever you decide, you must understand, you will always be special to me. You will always be my friend.


I love that he trusted her and let her make the decision for herself. Most importantly, to know whatever she decided, he would always be there for her.

Kitty decided to take off her mask and free herself. She felt Del should do the same. He lived but will no longer be the suave, handsome man he was earlier. He branded Kitty and she responded in kind, disfiguring his face with the infamous nutmeg concoction. I loved the call-back.

Kitty left New York to go somewhere she could use what Sherlock taught her to help others. This surprised me as I wasn't expecting Kitty to leave us so soon, although, in fairness, Captain Gregson can only look the other way so many times as he told Sherlock and Joan.

I don't know if or when we will see Kitty again, but I hope we do. If we don't, she had a tremendous exit and her farewell to Sherlock might have caused this reviewer to sniffle a bit. 

Do you know what I haven't said to anyone in a long time? I love you.


What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you surprised that Kitty didn't kill Del Bruner? Do you think we will see her again? Let me know in the comments. Don't forget you can watch Elementary online via TV Fanatic to get caught up with our favorite detectives.

The One That Got Away Review

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Elementary Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Firstly, I've got an offer that I'd like you to consider.


Sherlock: What might you think when she has taken up with a renowned detective?
Joan: Oh, so this is all about you.
Sherlock: Us.