Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Rule #32

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All four of the girlfriend's got pretty darn heated this week and we were treated to one extremely heart-pounding bedroom scene to boot. Not bad!

I've been asking for some development of Phoebe and Delia, and Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 9 even managed to deliver on that front. 

So what brought about all this change? Let's take a look.

Abby's pitch didn't exactly get her the work she expected. Her desire to write about what she wanted was met with an offer from Huff-Po to write about ten wacky dates in two days. Abby's first inclination was to turn it down until she learned she was going to be on the line for $10k a month to Jake for spousal and child support. Ouch. 

As it turned out, the dates weren't all that wacky. They weren't exactly normal but Abby learned something from each of them and writing about them wasn't on her radar. What the process did was show her everything she would have been missing if she hadn't decided to get divorced. 

Abby is actually living again. She's happy and knows love and opportunities are open to her and, more importantly, she's open to them. That doesn't mean it's going to be smooth sailing, but she can weather the storm knowing she's not stuck in a dead end any longer. 

That's what she tries to convey to Jo when Jo decides to leave after an awful argument the two have. Jo is a pistol, no doubt about it. She's also in free fall, a position she's been gliding in for some time if her daughter's behavior is any indication. Did you notice the only time Zoe spoke like an actual child was when she thought they might stay in Los Angeles? The pain she must be suffering while living with two parents who argue all the time must be killing her as much as it is trying to keep her mother from falling apart.

As Abby pointed out, it's not her job. Zoe's job is to be 14 and a brat, not act like a 14 year old woman while Jo acts like the brat. Lilly should be able to give Zoe some life lessons and maybe even some processed sugar if they want to get really crazy. Now that Abby has seen light at the end of the tunnel, she wants the same for her friend. 

Abby's last date was with Will. Good thing, too, since he is still very much into her. Their bedroom scene was very hot and he finally got to cook for her. Things got a little weird when he asked Abby to read a book he's writing. Truthfully, I would have reacted as Abby did and it makes me angry. It's a personal problem Abby has, not a problem that Will did it. Here's where Phoebe's strength comes in.

Phoebe: I don't see the problem here at all.
Abby: It's a couple of booty calls and then the old chick helps you with your career.
Phoebe: No, that's not Will. It's sexy. You have beauty and clout. He loves it,

Phoebe may have issues behaving properly in her own life, but she sees things as they should be. Even Delia immediately said Will was using Abby. That's an unfair assessment both of Will and Abby. Bravo to Phoebe for pointing it out.

Phoebe's seeing a life coach she calls "Doom Face" who has given her brilliant advice: take a mancation. Phoebe really needs one of those. I was proud of her for her attempt to help out Marco with his homegrown produce business to benefit recovering addicts and her final realization she's recovering herself, from being a silly, superficial chick. She's finally doing something meaningful that makes her proud. 

We still know very little about Delia, but she hates love. Considering what she does for a living, it's not surprising. Choosing to have an affair with a man going through a divorce who is also your client is not the best move, especially when you wind up falling in love with him. He may treat her well, but if he was stupid enough to sleep with his wife "for them," then he's an idiot. Move on girl.

Then we have Max and Ford. They've decided to have an open relationship. From what I understand, the percentage of gay marriages with that arrangement goes over the 50% range. Are their marriages more successful because of it, or will the fall apart due to different factors? Perhaps we'll get a glimpse of it through Max and Ford. Were the heck were their kids when they're both out carousing, though? Seems like a missing link.

Hit me up in the comments if you drop by. Let's get a conversation about this going, shall we? 

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