Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 13 Review: Doomsday

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On Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 13, Mr. White returned to Hawaii. With him he brought a lot of baggage for Steve and a gang of terrorists bent on decimating the world's population. 

Finally, the relationship between Doris, Wo Fat and Steve was seriously addressed. Steve shot Wo Fat out of anger when he told him Doris was his mother too. Steve knew immediately that it was true, meaning that he and his nemesis both saw Doris as a mother and one of the most influential people in their lives.

A Kidnapped Patient - Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 13

Steve's resentment went beyond Wo Fat. Steve holds the death of an innocent woman as collateral damage against Doris, as he should. And as much as Mr. White is Steve's mentor and second father, he still holds the death of Wo Fat's mother against him, too. The whole scene underscored who Steve is: A person with a pure and unmovable sense of right and wrong.

The next best thing after the conversation about Wo Fat was the nature of the relationship between Steve and Mr. White. It is a complicated one. Mr. White was Steve's mentor in Navy Seal training and sees Steve as his son. I think Steve could say the same about Mr. White being a father figure, but he has a healthy, justified mistrust of him. 

Steve admitted to Mr. White that he didn't trust him and the latter was able to accept it because he understood why. It said a lot about their relationship and emphasized the fact that the only people Steve can trust are the H50 team. 

In addition to Steve's emotional health, I am seriously concerned about his physical health. How much longer can Steve's body keep going after taking beatings like that? I would like this aspect of the show to be addressed more as our characters get older. My suspicions were clearly shared by Kono, who was visibly worried about Steve when she saw the state of the car. 

The stakes of the case were the highest that have they been in a while. A mixed group of terrorists hacked the CDC's system, which I can get on board with, especially in light of all the recent hacking and cyber security issues. 

What I do question is why the terrorist group would be motivated to weaponize a virus that would decimate the world population? Would that be in their interest? There is no doubt that terrorists go to extreme measures, but they are interested in creating fear to achieve a goal of gaining power. I am not convinced that world-wide death would be that greater goal. 

An explanation could be that they didn't know the virus was that deadly and they just wanted to unleash it on D.C., but they had already hacked the CDC and we can assume they would have seen the projections. It felt like a James Bond movie villain that was put down within an hour. 

Despite my skepticism, I want to see this case play out. The last scene with Steve keeping surveillance on Mr. white was ominous. 

Did anyone else think Mr. White's reaction to what Steve said about the terrorist plot was suspicious? Or was he just shocked? What about Doris's disappearance? Did Mr. White tip her off to something? IS she going to be making an appearance? What were your overall thoughts on the case? What did you think of Mr. White's return? 

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