Justified Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Cash Game

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If feels like Justified Season 6 is on the tension building rise of a roller coaster, especially with Justified Season 6 Episode 2, gearing everything up before it hurtles towards its final destination.

We learned more about Garret Dillahunt’s character, Ty Walker, who seems to be the No. 2 man when it comes to the land purchasing operation. There’s such a subtle intensity to his performance that for all his smooth talking and calm demeanor, you can just feel this scary danger on the brink of coming out.

His scene waiting for the Friday Night Lights realtor to get off the phone with Boyd or his conversation with the bank manager are prime examples. I’m sure we’ll see Ty’s true animal come out at some point, whether its against Boyd or Raylan. Dillahunt has already proven he’s a great addition to the cast.

Raylan's Investigation - Justified

At the same time, we got to see Sam Elliot (mustache-less) in bed with Catherine, who’s connected to Wynn Duffy, who is connected to Boyd, who is connected back to Ty after stealing the ledger. And of course, it all connects back to Raylan.

It’s great to see those threads all intertwining.

I couldn’t help but really enjoy the addition of Choo Choo as well. From his gigantic reveal to Raylan after stepping out of the car to his general demeanor, picking up Tim, not catching the keys, or even explaining his name, there was just something about this character that was engaging. Maybe because his scenes had some added humor or maybe because I want to see the reason for his name in action, but I’m looking forward to more Choo Choo.

And, really, this hour honed in on characters' conversational moments to ramp up the tension and continue winding the wheels for what is to come.

That mini showdown between Raylan and Boyd was intense, and the two characters were basically just talking BS. But it was the meaning behind the words they spoke that felt electric as both seemed to get closer to each other during the conversation. There didn’t need to be some crazy gunfight just with the way those two were dueling with their dialogue.

It makes me that much more excited at getting to see them in their final face off.

But I’m still trying to figure out which side of the line Ava is going to wind up on.

I find it hard to believe that she would truly turn on Boyd, even with the threat of going back to prison, but I understand her predicament.

Plus, she handles herself so well in coming back at Boyd about the ledger. Rather than have it flipped that Boyd could be mad at her for taking the ledger, she comes at him with open knowledge about it and how he shouldn’t be leaving stuff like that at her place. And I think it caught him off guard.

At the same time, while we also get to see what seems like an internal struggle about what moves she should be making, her returning to Boyd at the end of the hour to reveal the truth behind the ledgers and being all in on his game was a good one. There is such a sincerity that like Boyd, I want to believe her, and yet I’m not sure if it’s all a set up to help Raylan.

Maybe Boyd and Ava will end up in Iceland?

Either way, I like that it doesn’t feel so clearly defined. But I guess I’m lucky I don’t have to be put in such a dangerous position.

It’s pretty clear that money is a driving force for a lot of the actions taking place in Harlan, and I’m intrigued to keep learning more about the various power players goals as they connect with each other. This already feels like a thrill ride I want to be locked into, whether its going up or racing back down.

This will be a Justified season to remember.

Will Ava truly betray Boyd? Can Raylan stop all the bad guys in Harlan? Sound off below, and watch Justified online now to see it all go down.

Cash Game Review

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