Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Review: Operation Rescue

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 has just changed the revenge game again, with yet another villain stepping up to the forefront of Emily Thorne's story. This time, however, it's a villain she knows...who is being propelled forward by one she knows even better.

Malcolm Black might be dead, but Margaux has her sights set on Emily Thorne, all thanks to Victoria Grayson. (Ugh. It's always because of Victoria.)

As it turns out, when Victoria told Margaux the "truth" about Emily, she made Emily directly responsible for both Pascal's death and Daniel's, a lie which would undoubtedly turn Margaux even more against Emily than she's ever been before. What that means is that Ben knows this lie about Emily as well since he was standing outside the door listening to the entire tale. 

That makes his part in tonight's rescue efforts – and his conversation with Emily afterward – incredibly interesting. 

Jack needed Ben's help trying to find Malcolm, but wanted Ben to help with no questions asked. Despite knowing the "truth" about Emily, a fact Ben was quick to reveal to Jack, he had no plans to help until Jack mentioned Chief Alvarez may have also been kidnapped. Ben, who wants to make detective, probably saw a definite promotion in his future should he be the one to rescue the Chief. 

The chief was already dead, but hey, A for effort, Ben.

David, Jack, and Ben tried to concoct a plan to trick Malcolm into thinking Kate was still alive by using clips of her voicemail. David refused to loop Nolan in on the scheme saying he didn't want any more people in the line of fire and they got really lucky that their very choppy, very low-tech voicemail trick sort of worked.

It bought them more time to work to find Emily and Victoria and forced Malcolm to come out of hiding for the trade. Malcolm didn't bring Emily, realized Kate had been dead the whole time, and then shot David in the leg, but HEY. He came out of hiding, right? Right.

While David was doing all of the whatever it was he was doing (that is, nothing) all day while Jack and Ben were trying to find out who took Emily, Jack and Ben were actually being super cops, working both inside and outside the legal system to track her down. Ben was tied up by one of Malcolm Black's henchmen. Ten points to Jack for fighting the guy off and knocking him out!  

While David was still loading up his black bag of guns and whatever (seriously, what did the guy do all day at the beach house? Count the millions of dollars he stole from Victoria?), Jack and Ben were deciphering Emily's secret code and smelling henchman's boots to come to the conclusion that she and Victoria were being kept at the only place left in the area with a coal incinerator.


"For old time's sake," Malcolm wanted David to kill Emily and Victoria, but we all knew that wasn't going to happen. David wasn't going to injure either woman, despite the fact that two days prior he'd been ready to kill Victoria, a fact Emily revealed to Queen V during their shared captivity. That probably wasn't Emily's smartest reveal, but hey, she thought she might die. Time to come clean, I guess.

What was most shocking about the exchange, and by most shocking I now mean "least" after having completed the episode, was Victoria's confession to killing Kate so that Malcolm would turn his attention toward her and away from Emily, which eventually led to the moment when David was able to kill Malcolm. At the moment it was almost like "Wow, Victoria has a soul!" But by the end, it was clear that even that was a move in Victoria's game.

Victoria wants to be the one to rid the world of Emily Thorne, and if that means pulling Margaux's strings to make it happen, so be it. That'll do. Victoria has just put Margaux and her unborn grandchild into this war unnecessarily, but Victoria doesn't seem to have much of a soul left so what's the issue with dragging a baby into this, you know?

She could have told the legit truth about Daniel and Pascal's deaths but she chose to lie. Again. Furthering this feud into perpetuity. Never again will I allow myself to feel even a shred of sympathy for Victoria Grayson. Ever. None.

The biggest question moving forward is what does Ben plan to do with his misinformation. Sure, he said they'll start clean in the morning, but he still thinks Emily's a murderer, even though Jack told him Emily's on the right side of this war. That just makes him think Jack is okay with murder.

My guess is Ben and Emily will get closer. At first, he'll be gathering intel trying to bring her down for murdering Daniel and Pascal. She'll fall for him. He'll realize that she isn't a murderer and then he'll die saving her. Or something like that. And Emily will be alone and then pushed toward Jack. Again.

Here's hoping a Jack and Emily pairing, should one ever occur, doesn't feel like as much of a sham as Nolan and Louise's marriage actually is. 

Right. That B-story definitely happened while all that other cool action rescue teamwork stuff was going down. (Totally unnecessary B-story tonight. The other stuff was WAY cooler.)

Not only did the writers completely whitewash Louise into a character who has been tragically abused by her family instead of a crazy person who might legit snap at any time and kill someone, now she's married to Nolan Ross. MARRIED. To NOLAN. All so that he can be the conservator of her estate and rescue her from her mother's evil clutches. Is anyone else sensing the "rescue" theme in tonight's episode or is that just me?

Nolan should know by now that nothing is that easy. NOTHING.

What did you think of "Abduction"? What will Ben do now that he knows a partial truth about Emily's past? How do you feel about Louise and Nolan being married?

If you missed any of tonight's big moments you can watch Revenge online right here at TV Fanatic.

NOTE: Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 is titled "Kindred" and will air on January 25.

Abduction Review

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

[to Malcolm] You don't put a majestic peacock in a cage with a howler monkey.


[to Emily] Who would have thought that after all was said and done, you and I would die together?