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Emily and Victoria wake up on Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 to find they've been kidnapped by Malcolm Black. At first, Victoria believes Emily is behind their abduction. Malcolm reveals himself to be alive and tells the women he needs their help sending David Clarke a message. He punches Emily in the face.

Jack arrives at the beach house to find David Clarke packing up to leave with Amanda and delivers the news that the feds have already released Malcolm. Neither man knows that Emily and Victoria are missing but both believe they have the upper hand since Malcolm still believes Kate is alive.

Jack goes back to the precinct to ask for Ben's help finding Malcolm Black and Ben reveals that he knows the entire story. Ben doesn't want to help Jack but agrees when Jack tells him Malcolm is most likely responsible for Chief Alvarez' disappearance. 

David finds the security system at the manor disarmed and knows that something is wrong. Just then he receives a video message from Malcolm Black giving David until noon the following day to return Kate, alive and unharmed. Then Malcolm reveals that he has Emily and Victoria.

In a flashback, Margaux remembers her conversation with Victoria. As it turns out, Victoria told Margaux that Emily was the reason for all of the deaths which have hurt them. Margaux makes a phone call asking for services.

In their cage, Emily makes a plan to escape and Victoria refuses to work with her saying Emily has given her no reason to help. Victoria resolves that they'll die together in captivity.

Louise Ellis gets a visit from her mother, Penelope, who has decided to rent a house in the Hamptons for the summer. 

David, Jack, and Ben call Malcolm and use voicemails from Kate to try and negotiate Emily and Victoria's release. They give Malcolm an ultimatum and buy themselves more time. Ben wants to bring in a SWAT team. David disagrees. Jack tells them both to stop talking. 

Penelope threatens to cut Louise off if she causes any more trouble for Lyman's campaign. 

Jack and Ben track Emily's car to the lighthouse. Ben learns that Jack has known and kept Emily's secret for a year and a half because revealing the secret would have hurt her. Jack tells Ben that Emily is on the right side of the war.

When Malcolm lets Emily and Victoria out of their cage for a meal, Victoria trades Jack for her freedom by telling Malcolm that Jack has information. Emily tries to fight off one of Malcolm's henchmen to keep him from going after Jack but Malcolm stops her and tells the henchman to kill Jack after getting his information.

While they wait, Victoria tells Emily she thought Emily planned to kill her at the lighthouse and says she wished Emily had. Then she wouldn't be trapped. Emily blames Victoria for getting them caught because Victoria gave Kate the picture that led her to Emily. Then Emily tells Victoria that David was planning to kill her which is why she lured Victoria to the lighthouse. 

Louise tells Nolan that she's scared her mother will cut her off because she doesn't think she can make it on her own. Nolan vows to find another way to help her get control of her money.

Jack arrives home to find Ben tied up on his rug and fights with Malcolm's henchman, knocking the man unconscious.

Malcolm shows up to the rendezvous with David and brings Victoria along, leaving Emily behind for collateral. When Malcolm realizes Kate isn't dead, he shoots David in the leg and then vows to make him suffer.

Jack and Ben put the henchman in handcuffs and Jack finds a star inside a circle on the back of the man's shirt and recognizes it as a message from Emily, a throwback to when they were children. Together they deduce that Emily is being held at the trash yard on the water and wasn't taken by car, which explains why they never saw another car enter the frame at the lighthouse.

Malcolm tortures David in front of Emily and Victoria, which hurts Emily more than Victoria. Instead of killing Emily and Victoria in front of David, Malcolm decides to make David do it himself. 

Margaux meets with one of her father's old partners to find evidence to pin Pascal and Daniel's death on Emily, per her conversation with Victoria. 

David refuses to kill Emily and Victoria, and just as Malcolm is about to kill Emily, Victoria says she killed Kate for killing Daniel. Jack and Ben arrive and begin fighting with Malcolm's men and just as Malcolm is about to put Emily in an incinerator, David gets his hands on a gun and shoots Malcolm, saving Emily's life.

Victoria tells David they need to go their separate ways.

Louise and Nolan get married in order to help Louise get control of her assets. Penelope tells Louise that the pills they were giving her were to help her forget that she'd killed her father.

Ben brings David back to the manor and Emily thanks him for helping. Emily asks Ben why he's helping them and he says he's relieved. He tells her that her secret is safe with him.

Victoria goes to Margaux and Margaux reveals that she's preparing to destroy Emily.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

[to Malcolm] You don't put a majestic peacock in a cage with a howler monkey.


[to Emily] Who would have thought that after all was said and done, you and I would die together?