Revenge's Karine Vanasse Talks Margaux's Vendetta, Daniel Grayson's Death

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Yes, we're STILL talking about Daniel Grayson's death on Revenge Season 4, but this time we're getting the scoop from the mother of his unborn child. 

Karine Vanasse sat down to chat with TV Fanatic yesterday to talk about her vendetta against Emily and desire to find out the truth of what really happened the night Daniel died and what's coming up for her character. Kick back and take a read, then go watch Revenge online in preparation for this week's all new episode.

Still in the Hamptons - Revenge Season 4 Episode 1

TV Fanatic: What has it been like to evolve this character since she first appeared on Revenge?

Karine Vanasse: It's been a real journey. It's so great when the writers start the character in one place and then really take the character on a journey. I think the writers on Revenge are really good with that. We saw it recently with Daniel's character how over the past four years fans have been wanting to marry the guy, kill the guy, redeem the guy, now they want him back. It's so interesting how they can play with the opinions the fans have.

With Margaux, when she arrived in the Hamptons she was going away from her family, from her powerful father, wanting to start something on her own and prove to her father that she was capable and had the resources and the strength. She was going with that relationship with Jack who was so different from all the other men in her life and then feeling betrayed by him. Then she moved on to Daniel and wanted to show him that she was capable.

At the beginning Margaux really wanted to prove to the men in her life that she was capable and able to build a company and now all of them are gone and she's pregnant and based on what Victoria told her, now she's just ready to fight for Daniel's name and her life.

TVF: In the scene where Margaux meets with Pascal's former business associate, she never mentions a name and only says "her." This has led some fans to believe that Margaux might be targeting Victoria instead of Emily.

KV: Victoria, if you'll remember the first scene they shared, Margaux always knew that her father always loved Victoria. Margaux grew up seeing that woman who was beautiful and who stood up to these powerful men around her, so there's a part of Margaux that respects and admires Victoria. So for the moment, Margaux really believes Victoria. I don't know what the writers have in mind for the rest of the season, but she believes Victoria. She's very angry and doesn't understand why Victoria isn't fighting to clear Daniel's name. Victoria wants to start a foundation in Daniel's name, and Margaux doesn't understand why Victoria doesn't want to prove his innocence first. No one wants to give money to a foundation for a man who attacked his ex wife. So Margaux's going to be going on her own and Victoria will tell her to be careful, but Margaux doesn't really know what she's going to be getting herself into.

TVF: What was it like for you to read that Daniel Grayson would be dying?

KV: It was very shocking. Very shocking. But it shook things up so much for the show and the writers were telling us that they had discussed it with Josh and felt like it's what the show needed and I felt like it succeeded. Since his death, the show is really different.

One thing I wanted to add, when you asked about Margaux trusting Victoria's story, one thing for sure is that Margaux is not mean to be mean. She's fighting for the truth and that's something that she truly and strongly believes in. As long as she keeps that focus on, you know, there's something wrong here and I will prove it there's such a journalistic fiber in it that that's her motive behind it. It's difficult for her to follow this direction of these really powerful feelings, but she wants to expose the truth.

TVF: It's interesting that you say that because one of my questions is about Emily and Margaux as foils of each other. Emily was also looking to expose the truth but she just went about it in a very different way. Is there some sort of common ground there for the women?

KV: Yeah, and I think somehow they are much more alike than some fans might think. That's why the scenes between Margaux and Emily, we haven't had many, we had that really strong one in Revenge Season 4 Episode 11 when we discussed Daniel's death and we'll see each other again in the next episode, but these two women, there's something very similar to what they're believing and fighting for. They're not going the same direction, but it's based on something similar.

TVF: We know that Ben also knows the story Victoria told. Will we see Ben and Margaux come together and work on any of this?

KV: There's something about Ben that, I don't know if you remember that last scene he and Emily shared, but he's going to get closer to Emily, and Margaux, she's so mad at the fact that even the police are protecting Emily. What is it about this girl? Will she use Ben eventually to get something or prove that Emily is not what she is? Margaux will search and look for facts, so will there come a point where Margaux will use Ben to get information? Maybe.

TVF: Do you want to see Emily and Margaux reach a point where they're allies instead of enemies?

KV: I think they could. I think they really could. I don't know yet if and when that could happen or would happen, but I can definitely see them sharing more than they think right now.

TVF: What can you tease about what's in store for Margaux?

KV: She really thinks she'll have Victoria's support but Victoria's focusing on the foundation's needs, so she won't be really around with the baby, and I think she will think that she'll find allies along the way in trying to focus only on Emily, but in order to get Emily and in order to expose Emily, maybe she'll have to go a little further than she thinks. But for now she's trying to target only Emily, and that will be difficult.

TVF: Sounds like there might be some Jack entanglement in there...

KV: [Laughs] We will see!

Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 airs this Sunday night at 10pm on ABC.

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