The Mentalist Exclusive: Who's In The Line Of Fire?

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An assassin will be on the loose on tonight's episode of The Mentalist ...

... but could one of our favorites actually be in danger?

Indeed, on The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 8 Lisbon is placed in vulnerable position that could save the assassin's target, while also placing herself six feet under. Gulp.

In this exclusive clip - provided to TV Fanatic by CBS and Warner Brothers - Jane and Lisbon get the lowdown on the potential killer and start their plotting to catch him before anyone else is taken out.

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The Mentalist Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS. 

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm going to give you some advice. Never play foosball with a woman who's raised three brothers. It's exhausting.

Patrick Jane

I'm not competitive, I just like to win.

Teresa Lisbon