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When Lilly witness Kelvin Bittaker beat Jamie Owen to death, his family threatens her life if she testifies. The only other witness, Edward Hu is gunned down along with his FBI protection team. 

Abbott's team is in charge of protecting Lilly and trying to stop the hit man along with Agent Stackman. Jane figures out that the Bittaker family is using a video game to communicate with the hit man, Lyden. Stackman, Lisbon and Jane track him down to a house in Louisiana where he's killed the owner. Lyden shoots Stackman in the chest but it appears he'll live. Jane is rattled when he spots a bullet hole in Lisbon's jacket. 

Lyden changes his appearance and pretends to be an EMT at the hotel where the FBI is protecting Lilly. As they are about to move her to the courthouse, Lyden sets off a smoke bomb which shuts down the elevators and calls in the fire department and EMTs. 

Jane is in a van with Wiley on surveillance. He sends Lisbon to another floor to check if an EMT is really Lyden but he isn't. In the meantime, Lyden makes his move but instead of Lilly, he finds Vega in her place. Lisbon comes up behind him and shoots him. Lilly testifies against Kelvin Bittaker and Cho and Abbott get to arrest the mother and the other sons. 

Later, Lisbon is furious at Jane when she figures out that he sent her on a wild goose chase at the hotel in order to keep her safe. 

The Mentalist
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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm going to give you some advice. Never play foosball with a woman who's raised three brothers. It's exhausting.

Patrick Jane

I'm not competitive, I just like to win.

Teresa Lisbon