The Originals Round Table: What Animal is Elijah?

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So... Elijah is not a noble stag after all.

And Marcel is a natural (albeit controversial) leader.

These were just two of the lessons we learned on The Originals Season 2 Episode 11, another terrific installment of this CW hit.

Below, staff members Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker are joined by author Heather Vee to break down “Brotherhood of the Damned,” from Marcel’s flashbacks to Cami’s use of Freud and a lot more. Ready to join the debate?

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What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Heather: Ugh, so many! Locking all the Mikaelson brothers in a supernatural limbo lodge was pretty fantastic all the way around, though. I especially loved how contemptuous Elijah was of Finn the entire time. No one throws shade like Elijah throws shade.

Leigh: Gonna go with a quote this week. Cami to Elijah: "Are you really name dropping Freud right now?" Classic.

Miranda: As much as I hate myself for what I'm about to say, Jackson is really growing on me. His scenes with Hayley and his reassurance that there's nothing he could learn about her that would make him judge her or love her less really have me wondering what a relationship between those two might be like.

Instead of the noble stag, what's Elijah's new spirit animal?
Heather: Panther - dark, sleek, deadly.

Leigh: Okay, Heather saying Panther just reminded me of "Sex Panther" from Anchorman and I'm cracking up. I'm into it.

Miranda: LOL, ladies! If I can't say "he's still a noble stag," I have to go with something like a ram. He's fiercely capable of defending those he loves, but he's also used quite often in sacrifice for others. Elijah was willing to sacrifice his relationship with his brother to protect Hope.

How do you feel about Marcel turning his entire regiment into vampires?
Heather: Um, genius? If you were a vampire fighting a war, how is this not the first step - provided your fellow soldiers are willing?

Leigh: Where is the top secret CIA scientists at with coming up with an idea like this? Awesome!

Miranda: All I know is that if they ever wanted to spin off "Marcel and the Mystical Vampire Regiment" I would probably watch. War movies/period pieces + CMD on the screen? Yep. (Plus? He's one hell of a motivational speaker. I'd follow him.)

Is it a good idea for Jackson to know that Hope is alive or not?
Heather: Is Jackson a good idea at all? Just sayin'.

Leigh: I actually do trust Jackson and think he has genuine intentions, but I don't think it is safe for anyone else to know about Hope.

Miranda: I think it's a genius idea, honestly. He's bound to protect her because she's part wolf and part of his pack. Uniting the Mikaelson siblings and the entire Crescent pack to protect Hope against what or whomever may come for her? That sounds pretty solid to me.

Will Marcel give up Klaus' secret or will he be able to withstand Finn's torture?
Heather: Marcel has incredible will power, so I'm guessing the latter.

Leigh: Agreed. Marcel is strong. But at the same time, who knows how far Finn will go. 

Miranda: I'm actually really scared for Marcel when it comes to Finn. I think Finn will get the secret out of Marcel, but Marcel won't willingly give the information up. And then somehow Klaus will still blame Marcel for giving up the secret.

Where are the rest of the vampires?
Heather: Another supernatural limbo? Temporarily entombed? Finn did say whatever he did to/with them was reversible. 

Leigh: On another plain. Maybe chilling with Bonnie Bennett in 1994. 

Miranda: Leigh, you're a genius! That's another show I'd watch because at least then Bonnie would have a) company and b) something to do.

NOTE: The Originals Season 2 Episode 12 will be titled "Sanctuary" and air on February 2.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Look, Camille, you know I'm no stranger to violence. Typically however I'm possessed of a certain control. However now and then I can be consumed with the chaos and untethered from that control.


[to Marcel] Family are not just people who coddle you, who grant you your every whim. They are people who fight for you, who you fight for.