11 Twisted Love Triangles on TV: Who is Bent Out of Shape?

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As previously documented, plenty of television characters are unlucky in love. They'll simply never find anyone to be with.

Others, meanwhile, are stuck with the opposite problem: They can't decide just who to love, given multiple options on the romantic table each week.

It's a problem that afflicts D.C.'s most dogged fixer. It's an issue that makes it challenging to exact revenge in the Hamptons. It's an obstacle that makes it difficult for Queen Mary to reign.

We speak, of course, about one of television's most common tropes: the love triangle.

Which shows are employing it the best these days? Which have bent this formation right out of shape, angering viewers in the process?

And who would YOU choose if you were Olivia Pope?!?

Because our solution of pairing up various characters with those NOT on their actual show is unlikely to ever take place, click around the above photo gallery and choose your sides now!

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