Arrow Season 3 Episode 14 Photo Gallery: More Dead Will Rise

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We just saw the lovely face of Sara Lance on Arrow Season 3 Episode 13, and now we'll revisit the rather handsome vision of Tommy Merlyn.

His father just sent his sister Thea and his best friend Oliver to the island where Oliver spent many years and where Slade Wilson is being held in a high security underground prison. Or, he was.

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 14 Oliver and Thea have to learn to fight together very quickly to get the better of Deathstroke, as Slade is running free on the island as if it's some form of Jurassic Park for criminals.

All of this heavy activity will send Oliver into a flashback of a time when he and Maseo were tasked with finding a bio weapon in Starling City with strict instructions he was not to come in contact with any family or friends.

Who on earth sends that kind of message to a man aching for nothing more? That's like telling a kid not to peek at his presents under the Christmas tree. It's not going to happen.

From what I understand, this installment is somewhat of a gift to the viewers with hidden Easter eggs leading back to the beginning of it all, so watch carefully. 

If you need a refresher before then of a life when Tommy Merlyn was still alive, you can always watch Arrow online right here on TV Fanatic. 

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