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Oliver is shocked at how much Thea learned in only nine months. She says Malcolm's a good teacher.

Flashback and Oliver is in Starling City. We're seeing a lot more than life though his eyes at the time. Laurel is rescuing her dad from a bar. Oliver sees Thea walking outside of Queen Consolidated.

Oliver and Thea talk about why he didn't tell her about Sara's death and then Oliver walked over to Slade's prison. He's not in there. Surprise!

Bigger surprise? Malcolm set Slade free as a way to give Oliver back his mojo. 

Flashback to Oliver watching Thea at his grave. She's buying drugs. Tommy stomps up to stop things. They have an argument and Thea says "well, you're not my brother." Tommy agrees and is glad Oliver isn't around to see her as it would break her heart.

Oliver gives her a gun.

Suddenly, Oliver and Thea are in Slade's cage.

Flashback to Oliver in the QC conference room. Felicity walks into the office and looks at his photo, says he's cute. Too bad he's dead. Diggle is on a job with his brother. It's the first time we've really met his brother. When Jordan, the drug kid, is confronted by Oliver in a hoodie, he recognizes him immediately. He's ultimately killed, but still.

To escape the prison, Oliver dislocates Thea's shoulders so she can fit through the man's prison.

Flashback as Oliver watches how his "death" has affected the people he knew. Maseo points a gun at him to get him the hell away from his old people. It's like he's the ghost of Christmas past or something.

After dodging a booby trap, Thea gets Oliver to stop dodging the question about Sara's death. He tells her she killed Sara. She doesn't take it too badly.

Slade happens along as they're arguing over how awful Malcolm is. Poor guy doesn't stand much of a chance.

Flashback and Oliver is in the mansion. He watches a video his dad made about the book and saving the city. China White is elsewhere selling Armageddon. Oliver flies over to the selling point and busts some heads.

Thea wants to kill Slade. Oliver tells her that would be playing right into Malcolm's hands.

Flashback and Oliver tells Amanda he's done. General Shrieve wants Oliver back in China. Once that's accomplished he promises he'll take Oliver anywhere in the world he wants to go. Shrieve is supposedly the leader of SHADE, which competes with ARGUS as a metahuman type commander army thingy.

Fake Flashback and Tommy sees Laurel going to work for a CNRI. She quit the prestigious firm after her father read her the riot act.

Present Day, Laurel sees Lance at Sara's grave. She reminds him what he said when she almost took the corporate job, as if he thought she was always headed toward the mask. But she was like him and she broke his trust. He doesn't know how he'll get through this.

Oliver and Thea are home. He asks her not to tell Laurel what she knows. The self righteous pig walks into the room spouting rhetoric about how he did what he did to Thea because she's his daughter and he cares about her. 


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