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Laurel is getting her ass kicked by her sister and they are both in costume. 

24 hours earlier, Arrow and Arsenal swing into a fight Black Canary is having with a perp. Oliver has words with Laurel. She's saving the city. He assures her she's no hero. She wasn't asking and suggests they stay out of each others way.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver is pissed Diggle signed off on Laurel doing this. Diggle says she's not exactly lobbying for anyones permission. Diggle assures Oliver Laurel can hold her own.

Malcolm appears. He thinks it's time to bring Thea into the fold. The three of them need to join forces but they can't do that if Thea still thinks he's a reformed playboy and loser businessman.

The new Vertigo, Werner Zytle, is being transported and the press are all around. Someone doses the security guard and he starts firing into the crowd. Laurel rushes him and clocks him. Vertigo gets out.

Chase tries getting to Thea again. Bad dude. Oliver shows Thea the Arrow Cave. She finally sees what's in her basement. She takes the news incredibly well.

What shes doesn't take well is that Malcolm knew. She will not trust him, not ever.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity is watching video of the Zytle takedown. Her favorite part is coming up, when Laurel clocks Zytle. Laurel comes in with news it was a reporter who dosed him. She gets ready to suit up and Oliver pulls her aside. Another emotional conversation that doesn't go well for Oliver.

Someone is strapped with a bomb. He blows himself up and Arrow and Arsenal fly out the window.

Oliver and Thea continue to bond, and she reminds him she may trust him when it comes to Malcolm, but she will never trust Malcolm.

Lance visits Laurel, asking if she's seen Sara lately. He shares his conversation with Sin. He says she said the gal in black isn't Sara. He just wants to talk to the woman, Sara or not.

Oliver has a tracer on Laurel. They go for her, which is good since she's just been dosed with Vertigo. She starts seeing Sara and is clocked. The fight takes place again.

She's taken back to the Arrow Cave and Laurel sees Felicity as Sara. Sara says she didn't have to die. If she wanted to be her, she would have let her. She didn't have to die. When Thea walks in and sees Laurel, Oliver tells her to get out. Roy essentially tells Oliver to shut the hell up. A nice inner Team Arrow fight ensues.

Thea meets Chase outside Verdant and she wants something simple. Roy watches her walk away with him, a sad look on her face.

Diggle meets with Oliver inside Verdant. Diggle sets Oliver straight about why they're all still fighting and asks if Oliver can handle the way things are now, with them a straight up team.

Laurel wakes up and Felcity shares her thoughts on wearing the Black Canary costume. She has a light inside that Sara never did.

After having sex, Thea realizes Chase is trying to kill her with cyanide. He announces he serves his master, Ra's al ghul. Arsenal pops in to save Thea but doesn't do the trick. Malcolm pops in and offers a quick death for nice I'm sorry to Thea. No thanks, Chase says, and says he'll go somewhere Malcolm won't dare to follow and downs the cyanide.

Getting ready to fight again and Oliver wants to talk to Laurel. He says there is something he can say to her she doesn't already know.

The duo infiltrates Vertigo's lab. Black Canary is dosed again. This time she sees Canary, Sara and her father. Vertigo Lance screams at her about not giving him the chance to mourn Sara, thinking he can't handle the truth. When Canary screams in her face that she thinks she can be her, Black Canary says she can't and she's done trying. As she starts wailing on Zytle, she looks to her left and sees Sara smiling at her.

Laurel goes to see Lance. She tries to tell him about Sara, but he thinks she just wants to tell him it's her out there kicking ass. That is true, but there is something else. He looks like he has the wind knocked out of him and says not again, not my baby, not again.

Malcolm feels extremely smug about saving Thea from Chase. Thea doesn't want to work with Malcolm, but she will if only to keep themselves save.

Oliver agrees to leave the city in the safe hands of Team Arrow so he and Oliver can go somewhere to let go of their fears. They're on the island that Oliver called home for years.


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Arrow Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Black Canary: Sara, Sara, please. I'm your sister.
Canary: Then why are you trying to take my place?!

Dinah Laurel Lance. Selfish Bitch. You're not a hero. You're a liar, a fraud and an addict.