Backstrom Season 1 Episode 4 Review: I Am a Bird Now

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The best way to describe Backstrom Season 1 Episode 4 is inadmissible. 

As positive as I was about this show in the beginning, there are things about it that are bothering me and simply not hooking me. 

The way the case was solved had some big problems. 

First, I understand that Backstrom is supposed to be a deplorable character and it is totally within the bounds of believability that he would use Almond's being a preacher as a way to get a suspect to talk more.

I do not have a problem with that part, nor do I have a problem with how offensive it was to Almond. After all, this is Backstrom we are talking about and one given is that he is, in fact, deplorable most of the time

What bothered me is that none of this evidence would hold up in court. I seriously doubt that Almond could pretend to be be a pastor or even have a hint of influence over the suspect, and have that be admissible in court. 

Second, was the interrogation of the soldier. It was as if once Backstrom figured out that the soldier was a hired gunman, and not killing out of his own prejudice, he assumed he would tell the truth. Gravely came in with the iPad and they took for granted his answers about who hired him. Didn't he just just say that he would not admit to being hired? It was a complete turn around in a few seconds. 

I thought Gravely's job was to make sure Backstrom's evidence did hold up in court? 

At least Niedermayer snuck in a couple of jabs at Backstrom throughout the episode. I thought the bit about him re-enacting the crime scene using forensics was a subtle way to make fun of Backstrom, but it also could have been Niedermayer trying to be like Backstrom. 

There was also the line about truth. I am still not sure that Moto interpreted it correctly, but it did seem like he was more than pleased with the decision he made for himself in the end. He thinks of himself as being the guy you can count on. Time will tell with this one.  

It was interesting that Backstrom and Valentine's lifestyle almost brought them at serious odds with each other. I doubt this will be the last time it happens. I suppose it comes with the turf of having a tenant and friend who is also your connection to the underground. 

I also liked that we found out that Almond was a preacher. It fit with his character and also explained how he knew what lines to quote with the religious fanatic in Backstrom Season 1 Episode 3

I still think the comedy and jokes are missing their mark most of the time.The conversation between Nadia and Gravely about all men in Europe just being men seemed out of place and just too random. 

I have said my peace about the episode, what did you think? Did you also have problems with the way the case was solved? What did you like most about this installment? Do you think we will continue to see more tension between Amy and Backstrom?

Feel free to converse and debate in the comments below! 

Also, don't forget that you can watch Backstrom online via TV Fanatic! 

I Am a Bird Now Review

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